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Brad Sucks: Guess Who's a Mess album cover

Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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Brad Sucks Digital Download Store

I needed a cheap, DRM-free digital download store so I wrote this quickly over a few days. Then I thought it'd be useful for other artists. It was created to sell music but any files will work. Authors, photographers and artists could use it as well. See it in action »

Some of the store's features:

  • Uses Amazon S3 for cheap and reliable bandwidth. $0.15 per GB-Month storage used and $0.20 per GB of data transferred. (now optional)
  • Uses the Paypal shopping cart for a reliable experience.
  • Buyers receive instant access to the files.
  • Expiring URLs for your digital content.
  • Quick links instead of requiring lengthy Paypal FORM buttons.
  • Tracking in a MySQL database
  • Quick handling of eCheck approval
  • Thumbnails (optionally hyperlinked)
  • Open source and totally free



I'm giving this store away for free to help other artists sell their stuff online. I don't have much time to support it for free as well. You can post questions, problems or bug reports in my forums. I'll try to answer stuff there.

If you're interested in some paid tech support or installations, you can email me at and I'll see what I can do.

DOWNLOAD v0.50 beta

And here's the Google Code project

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