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A friend recently reminded me that in about a year it’ll be the tenth anniversary of I Don’t Know What I’m Doing‘s first pressing. I’ve had a few requests for vinyl but not really enough to make me confident I won’t lose money and wind up with a big box of records in my basement. Anyone hot to buy it in an ancient format?

Oh yeah here’s the Facebook post.

Posted on - September 2, 2014 [at] 12:51 pm by Brad
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Here’s a question. Someone emailed me and asked me:

Also this is off topic, but if you have any suggestions on where to host an internet radio station please send those as well, as right now we are using a host that will not allow us to do anything live.

But I don’t know anything about internet radio stations. Anyone know the answer?

Posted on - April 2, 2012 [at] 10:35 am by Brad
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Which Brad Sucks songs would you most like to play in Rock Band? We’re trying to figure out priority here.

Update: there are a lot of replies in the Facebook post.

Posted on - November 2, 2009 [at] 2:37 pm by Brad
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Anyone out there know much about syncing visualizations & lights to Ableton Live? I have a totally top secret project I’m working on and it requires some eye candy. I’m up to my eyeballs in reading about DMX controllers and video DJ software and there has to be a simpler way…

Posted on - September 14, 2009 [at] 11:22 am by Brad
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Holy smokes, I’m looking to hire an assistant. I figure I’d rather hire someone who reads this site, so I’m starting my search here. Are you interested? Some things:

  • you must be awesome at using the web (programming not necessary)
  • you must have good writing and language skills
  • you must be decent at interacting with other humans (via phone & email mostly)
  • you unfortunately probably have to like my music (or fake it really really well)
  • your location doesn’t matter
  • artistic talent would be a bonus
  • you like new challenges, wearing different hats, yadda yadda, etc, etc.

Most tasks are related to Brad Sucks but I’ve got other projects I’m looking for work on as well. If you’re down, please email me at and tell me a bit about yourself. Thanks!

Update: Wow, I got a shocking number of applications. I’ve filled the position now, thanks to everyone who applied!

Posted on - August 19, 2009 [at] 10:55 pm by Brad
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I’m at this weird point in my music “career” where doing it all myself is getting hard to maintain. I’m naturally cagey about involving anyone else in my stuff but it’s probably time to delegate some of the things I’m not good at (booking, promotion, talking to other human beings).

I’ve been attending workshops put on by Live 88.5, a local radio station, and it’s been helpful – mostly in that it’s shown me what I don’t want.

Not to bag on the panelists because it was very informative and they’re all successful, but I felt like a big dumb outsider. Things I heard: “What the fuck is a twitter”, “I get my son to show me how to work Facebook”. The preferred strategy was generally:

  • Tour endlessly
  • Lose money/go into debt
  • Chase radio play
  • Wait for it to eventually become profitable

This obviously can work and that’s cool, though the scale seems impractical to me.

I’m not unique in having put together a modest fanbase and income from music, and that strategy feels like a tremendous step backwards. And for what? All I can think of is the promise of fame, but sustainability’s always been more attractive to me.

Last night I asked a long rambling question focusing on the Internet, but I think the larger question is: where do I find people who can help me grow from where I am, not re-start my career in some traditional way?

Posted on - May 14, 2009 [at] 12:05 pm by Brad
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So the dark, paralyzing fear of having a new album coming out shortly is that maybe nobody will listen to it! So I pose you this question:

If you were (or are) an independent musician with a very limited budget and a new alternative/rock-style album scheduled for release in a few weeks, where and how would you promote it?

I’m mostly looking for places/people to send/pitch it to, but I’ll appreciate more elaborate or imaginative suggestions.

Posted on - August 20, 2008 [at] 7:18 pm by Brad
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I get this sort of message all the time on MySpace:

Making Me Nervous won’t play when I add it to my profile :( I just discovered you (thanks pandora. com!!!) and I want my friends to hear how awesome this song is. I see from your comments other people have had the same problem… can you fix it?

I searched all over and I can see lots of people successfully have added my songs to their pages and couldn’t find any info on why it might be failing in some cases. Does anyone know what the issue is?

Posted on - April 14, 2008 [at] 10:04 pm by Brad
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I’m hoping someone can point me towards what to buy to solve this problem.

For the longest time I’ve been using a mixing board as gain control and a headphone switch for my monitors. Here’s the rough layout:


I’ve been aware using a mixing board for this small task is stupid (and a waste of desk space) for a while but I didn’t know what to replace it with. The board’s slowly dying now though so I need to figure out what to replace it with. Here’s what I’ve thought so far:

  • I could plug the Delta 66 sound card directly into the monitors, but then how do I switch to the headphones? I hate dicking around in software to change volume and settings every time I want to do something.
  • I thought a headphone amp like the Behringer HA400 might be what I was looking for but I’d have to feed my sound card output into one of those headphone inputs and that seems sorta gross. Also I don’t need the two extra outputs and would like a mute switch for the monitors.

Aaaand that’s about it. Digging through Behringer’s product list hasn’t helped much. Basically I need two 1/4″ or XLR inputs & outputs, two volume dials and a mute button in a wee little package.

Posted on - June 7, 2007 [at] 4:16 pm by Brad
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