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I don’t normally listen to podcasts, but on this last bit of travel I tried out a bunch that were suggested to me via Twitter. Here are some reviews:

Quirks and Quarks

This is a great science radio show but I’m not sure it was engaging enough to focus on completely. It put me to sleep several times on the airplane which was nice of it.

Real Time with Bill Maher

I like a lot of Bill Maher’s stuff even though he’s the whitest man in the world. This podcast is just the audio from his HBO TV show, which seemed like itd’d be all right, but the crowd cheers and laughter were so loud compared to the speaking I had to keep dialing the volume up and down to keep it from blowing my ears out. I gave up part way through the first episode. Next time I may run them through a compressor first.

You Look Nice Today

I wasn’t sure I’d like this hyper-literate ultra-nerdy sorta hipster comedy talk-show, but it worked for me and I wish I’d brought more.

The Ongoing History of New Music

I was excited to see this show on iTunes as I love it and looked forward to catching up, but it only feeds one minute previews! What the hell!

Posted on - November 25, 2008 [at] 2:46 pm by Brad
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