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Posted on - January 23, 2014 [at] 11:08 pm by Brad
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Hey guess who’s back, it’s totally me. Since I last wrote I switched my brain drugs to Cymbalta. It was a rough transition and it’s expensive, but everything’s going pretty nice upstairs now. A good decision overall, I wish I had switched a while ago. Also I’ve been busy working on some non-music things re: paying the bills, putting food on the table, bringing home the bacon, etc. What else happened? I can’t remember. Let’s look through my phone’s photos:


Oh right, we made some acoustic panels for Justin the drummer’s practice room. We have not practiced since. I wonder if they worked.


James Brummel painted portraits of Ottawa musicians onto drum heads for a gallery showing and compilation. I was one of them.


I haven’t seen the finished one yet. The left side of my face came out a little fat I think.


This is a Bhut jolokia pepper. A chef friend tried it but I did not have the mouth-balls. He said he expected worse so we think we got a dud. He definitely did better than this guy.


My dad didn’t want to store this heavy-ass arcade cabinet anymore since I have no time to work on it and he proposed we burn it on Canadian Thanksgiving. Which we did:





Kiiind of a waste but it was also awesome, so maybe it evens out?


This is my favorite new wine. They no longer sell it here so I’m favorite-wine-starved. :(



My lady’s practicing doing Halloween make-up so I am a cut and bruise canvas.

Next up: maybe a Fallout: New Vegas gamecation followed by getting back to working on the record. Yes!

Posted on - October 28, 2010 [at] 8:10 pm by Brad
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Over the holidays I worked on getting this office/studio in better shape. I (aka my dad) built the shelf beneath my monitors here:

Which brought everything up to a better height and gave me some storage underneath them. I stuck some rope lights in behind which gives a nice glow. Next step is to put more paintings and stuff up. And maybe some Christmas lights. And more drinks.

Posted on - January 10, 2010 [at] 9:14 pm by Brad
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Last Halloween was our first time trying to go all out on the decorations. This year we extended it out a bunch and improved a lot of little things. Some photos:

October 31, 2007 084

October 31, 2007 043

October 31, 2007 077

October 31, 2007 104

October 31, 2007 102

October 31, 2007 130

October 31, 2007 114

Everything went over real good. The black light where we gave out the candy was a big hit. We wound up dragging a big mirror out so that kids could see themselves glowing and they really dug that. You can see more pictures here if you’re interested.

Posted on - November 1, 2007 [at] 11:29 am by Brad
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