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Well, 2010 was a mixed bag Brad Sucks-wise. My live show is sounding good I think and I’m happy with that. A few encouraging shows went down. I got some demos done. But I betrayed a next-album deadline and overall I was distracted with some mid-year depressions and med change as well as other projects and jobs.

Money from the Brad Sucks stuff is nice but it’s unpredictable. It’s been hard to justify working on music for potential future maybe-dollars when there’s guaranteed money waiting for me somewhere else.

But I need to do better. It may sound awful, but my goal for 2011 is to treat music more like a job. As opposed to a hobby that gets pushed aside as soon as I have another opportunity. I’m fortunate to have anyone wanting new music from me at all and I’m disappointed I didn’t deliver more in 2010.

But that’s in the past. I hope you’re all doing great.

Posted on - January 1, 2011 [at] 5:42 pm by Brad
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