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The last half of 2013 was a lot better than the first half. But I did spend a lot of time working on getting better musically and cranking out demos, so that’s good. I was really in a slump there for a few years, it was impressive, how does that shit happen? Hopefully no more. Thanks for your patience.

So I’m looking forward to a musically productive 2014, movin’ on into the future, taking more chances, being a person who does things again.

To celebrate, here’s a video Eddie Utah did for Making Me Nervous with a GoPro camera:

I hope you’re all doing great. I know blogging and RSS sort of died this year, but you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter and Soundcloud and maybe Tumblr sometimes? There’s also a mailing list.

Posted on - January 2, 2014 [at] 3:24 pm by Brad
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Holy mercy, it’s 2010. A lot of great things happened for me in 2009 so my hopes for 2010 are unreasonably high. Thanks to everyone for listening, buying my stuff, donating and just being generally supportive.

This year I’m going to sketch out a plan for the year to be more systematic in my goal-completion. Small steps leading to a bigger picture, etc. We’ll see how that goes – I’m easily distracted. But as I’ve had more success with music this year I feel a responsibility to not be a lazy-ass.

Good luck to you all in 2010 and thank you again.

Posted on - January 3, 2010 [at] 2:29 pm by Brad
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I just break all my resolutions but here are general goals I’m thinking about for this year:

  • Release at least one new demo song a month
  • Fix up this website so it makes me feel awesome
  • Get a new live show together
  • Climb back on the exercise wagon
  • Release a podcast a week

What are you folks up to?

Posted on - January 3, 2009 [at] 4:39 pm by Brad
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IMG_1519I’m not doing much of anything this holiday other than hanging with family plus getting nearly barfed on by the new puppy (who is still cute and still unnamed).

It’s weird, I sort of have no idea what the new year will bring. I have no real live show right now, lots of music sitting around needing to be finished and a lot of fairly decent work to do. I guess I’ll let the universe pull me wherever.

I’m happy with how my new record did in 2008 and all the cool people I got to meet. Thanks to everyone, hope you’re all having a great end of the year.

Posted on - December 26, 2008 [at] 9:30 pm by Brad
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