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I did an interview for The Setup, where creative folk go into nerdy detail about the gear they use to get stuff done.

Posted on - April 13, 2016 [at] 11:58 am by Brad
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When I was in Portland a few weeks ago for XOXO I sat down with Josh Millard and Jesse Holden and a bunch of delicious beers and recorded this podcast interview.

Posted on - October 24, 2013 [at] 1:31 pm by Brad
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The Ten Most Incomprehensible Bob Dylan Interviews of All Time. I think #3 is my favorite as he giggles and draws a picture of the interviewer through the entire interview:

Posted on - October 9, 2007 [at] 7:11 am by Brad
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Did an interview with Amber MacArthur for CityTV and her show Webnation. She’s super nice though the interview was marred by my crappy webcam, power brown-outs due to thunderstorm and general internet retardation. Regardless it’ll be on tonight around 8:20 or something, hopefully they can cobble something together from my stammering.

Update: the piece is here, thanks Amber!

Posted on - July 11, 2007 [at] 1:17 pm by Brad
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