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Brad Sucks: Guess Who's a Mess album cover

Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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Went through some of the remixes I’ve heard for tracks off Guess Who’s a Mess:

Just in a Phase (Elijah Lucian remix)
Thanks for the Add (antisocial industrial remix)
Model Home (dotjot feel the Good Life remix)
Fluoride (Piero Peluche remix)
Come Back (Karstenholymoly remix)
The First Thing About Me – (Building on Fire remix)
Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! (Piero Peluche remix)
Come Back (diistinazione_altrove remix)

Thanks to everyone who’s been playing with my songs. You can get the source/stems for them all here¬†and send your remixes (or video or whatever) in here.

Posted on - May 14, 2013 [at] 3:14 pm by Brad
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I’ve mentioned here before that I’m working on a poppy concept album called Guess Who’s a Mess. I’m releasing the demos as I go along like I did on my first record, but I’m going a step further and releasing the instrumentals and vocals as well. They’re all on the album page now.

You’re welcome to mess around with them however you want. Please send me a link to anything you do – when I’m done the demos I’ll be looking to see if there’s anything I want to include on the finished record and then I’ll be in touch (so including a working email address would be a bonus.)

Posted on - September 29, 2009 [at] 4:56 pm by Brad
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