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Hey, we did that show in Toronto a while ago and it was good I think. I lost my jacket and gloves, I remember that part.

Since then I’ve been reading about and practicing cognitive behavioral therapy (my favorite cognitive distortions: magnification and jumping to conclusions). I’ve been working at jobs for money and also working on music and recording and looking for fun new projects. Some of what I’ve been up to:

1) I have about 18 Brad Sucks demos I’m working on. Not sure what’ll happen to them just yet. Post them online? New album? Singles? I don’t know what the right thing to do is in this crazy new future.

2) I helped record a live performance of Chef Bruce and The Burning Sensations at his cool place called The Branch in my home town. On Saturday I saw Jim Bryson there and his lyrics and songs made me cry a little. Uggghhh emotions, why do they exist, what are they even for.

3) I helped my friend c.layne do the Dodged a Bullet Songfight which is apparently still in progress. c wrote and did all the hard work on the song, I just gussied it up a bit.

4) Today I’m wrapping up a quick last-minute song for Astroloco — an upcoming adventure game about space trains (trains in space!!) that you can vote for on Steam Greenlight here. I was really into adventure games as a kid, particularly the funny ones like Space Quest and Monkey Island, so it’s fun to be involved in that even only slightly at the very end.

That’s all I can remember. Catch you later.

Posted on - March 13, 2013 [at] 6:24 am by Brad
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I got some requests for the Steamshovel Harry music, so here’s the theme + vocals and the anthem:

Posted on - July 8, 2009 [at] 1:10 pm by Brad
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imageMy buddy Allen was working on a game called Steamshovel Harry and I wrote some music and forced my crappy autotuned vocals into it. I had never written an anthem before, so that was pretty fun. Warning: it will haunt you.

Update: By popular request, I’ve posted the music from the game.

Posted on - July 5, 2009 [at] 10:29 pm by Brad
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imageSomeone suggested I submit my stuff to JamLegend, which is a browser-based Rock Band kind of thing, so I did that.

Now Dirtbag is online there.

The most recent comment right now says: “vry easy song and boring”. I got 96% accuracy on my first run.

Update: Making Me Nervous is also online.

Posted on - May 12, 2009 [at] 8:13 pm by Brad
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Crayon Physics Deluxe is out. Not only is it an amazing game, it has a remix of one of my songs in it:

Posted on - January 12, 2009 [at] 12:58 pm by Brad
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Lured by a Metafilter group that plays, I bought Team Fortress 2 and have been playing a bunch. It’s very fun, but Team Fortress 2 Karaoke: My Heart Will Go On may be the best mod I’ve seen:

(via tittergrrl)

Posted on - April 17, 2008 [at] 2:45 pm by Brad
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There’s a lot of enthusiasm about Guitar Rising — a “real guitar” version of Guitar Hero. Just to be a stick in the mud I’m calling shenanigans: machine parsing guitar playing has been the holy grail of guitar nerds for quite some time. So unless the authors of this game have figured out something that all those folks working on guitar to MIDI translators for the past twenty years have failed to do, it will probably suck ass. And if they have figured that out, why not sell a multi-hundred dollar plugin to guitarists instead?

Posted on - February 7, 2008 [at] 9:53 pm by Brad
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Bought a 37" LCD TV to make my Xbox 360 feel better, it’s pretty sweet. Also had my first Xbox Live Halo experience tonight and it lived up to my expectations: I got brutally destroyed by some kid yelling racist stuff at everyone. Ah, the future.

Posted on - November 18, 2007 [at] 9:35 pm by Brad
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I turned 31 yesterday. I’m old as hell! My girlfriend gave me an Xbox 360 though so I’ve got a lot of game-playing to do. I’ve got Halo 3 and I believe I shall be subscribing to Xbox Live — anyone out there playing? What are the good online games?

Posted on - November 15, 2007 [at] 9:52 am by Brad
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I’m being forced to start playing World of Warcraft. If you never hear from me again, that is why. Please pass the word along to my family.

Posted on - October 21, 2005 [at] 10:32 pm by Brad
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