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After the huge success that was my 30th birthday fireworks, my family decided to all pitch in and get an even bigger box of fireworks. I guess we’re celebrating Canada Day on July 4th but due to scheduling issues this is the only weekend we could all get together so they’re going off tonight. Anyway I decided on Kaboom Man’s Hero Box:

A closer view:

The table of contents:

3 – Super Sonic Boom
2 – Ultra Sonic Boom
2 – Fireball Classic – 10
1 – Strobes
1 – Sonic Boom
1 – Jumbo Gold Comet
1 – Tornado Warning
1 – Psycho-Delic Fountain
1 – Crazy Aces
1 – Double Doozie
1 – Top Dog
1 – Crackling Satellites
1 – Killer Bee Candle
1 – Magic Dragons
1 – Party in Paris
1 – Flying Piranha
1 – Matrix
1 – Eye Of The Storm
1 – KABOOM Man
1 – Attack From Mars
1 – Pirate King
1 – 36 Shot Comet
1 – Ground Whizzer

We also got a free Psycho-Delic Fountain (which claims to last for two whole minutes), an additional Fireball Classic and a pair of crazy fireworks glasses for every $40 we spent.

I’m pretty excited about it. Everyone says that firework “cakes” are super cool but I have no idea what they are. This kit apparently has all the best ones that they sell.

Oh and we also got a whole bunch of giant sparklers so the kids can run around and burn each other. Hooray!

Posted on - June 9, 2007 [at] 11:53 am by Brad
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