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cymbalta-2As a follow-up to my last post re: brain chemicals. I’m switching from Celexa, which I’ve been on for many years now to Cymbalta. I’ve been feeling a general decline in energy and optimism for a while and Ian’s post a few weeks ago really made me think about it and decide to make a change. My reaction to simple life challenges should not be to say “fuck you” and give up.

So we’ll see – this weekend I’m winding down my Celexa and will be kicking off next week with the Cymbalta. Here’s hoping I get to avoid finding out what brain zaps feel like. Brains are lame.

Posted on - August 21, 2010 [at] 7:34 pm by Brad
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Tonight Hit the Bong With Me [MP3], music written by Lee David in 1926.

Sometimes you have to destroy a song to learn its secrets.

Posted on - May 23, 2008 [at] 1:47 am by Brad
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