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Brad Sucks: Guess Who's a Mess album cover

Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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This one’s been a struggle and I think it still needs a bunch of work, but I’m calling the demo done and I’ll come back to it. I was trying to do something a bit different and ehhhh I dunno:

I Need to Love Myself More and You Less (demo)

Anyway, that’s a wrap on the demos for the next record. You can listen to them all here (warning: spoilers). Gonna take a short break and then start hassling friends for feedback and then I’ll make a bunch of decisions on what needs to be fixed. And then fix those things.

Posted on - May 26, 2011 [at] 5:21 pm by Brad
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Tired of staring at this demo, so here you go:

Come Back (demo)

Should be track #8 on Guess Who’s a Mess. Only one more demo to go and then I get to start finishing this bad boy off.

Posted on - May 11, 2011 [at] 12:09 pm by Brad
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Whoops. I found out on Friday that last week I accidentally uploaded a very old version of my Guess Who’s a Mess demo. That’s pretty embarrassing, I was actually pretty horrified but I think I’m good now. Anyway here’s the latest one instead:

Guess Who’s a Mess (demo 2)

Okay, moving on…

Posted on - January 31, 2011 [at] 5:10 pm by Brad
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Seriously gotta get moving on these album demos. Here’s one:

The First Thing About Me (demo)

The mix is a disaster, but I MOVE ON. It’ll be the last track on Guess Who’s a Mess.

Posted on - September 3, 2010 [at] 2:11 pm by Brad
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Here’s a demo for track #2 off Guess Who’s a Mess:

In Your Face (demo)

Usual disclaimers: mix was quick and dirty, I have no talent, etc.

Posted on - May 20, 2010 [at] 1:16 pm by Brad
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Here’s my last monthly demo thing of 2009. It’s a cover of a Christmas song my friend JB wrote and that I really like. It’s not safe for work, was done in a day and a half and here it is:

Fuck You, Motherfucker (It’s Christmas) (4MB)

Thanks to JB for the background vocals! Oh and here’s the original.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for 2009. I’ve enjoyed doing the monthly songs but I’m looking forward to taking a break. Thanks for listening dudes, have a good holiday.

Posted on - December 23, 2009 [at] 3:21 pm by Brad
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This month’s demo is actually mostly a song by my pal and guitarist Ben Mullin. He played a demo of it for me and I was like “let me cram my filthy vocals into that and produce it up” and he was like “let go of me”.

I Think You’re Alright (5 MB)

Posted on - November 27, 2009 [at] 11:46 am by Brad
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Last month “Jack” requested twice (1, 2) that I do a cover of Goodbye Horses, the Q Lazzarus song:

Request from Brad if he’s up to it. Bunch of friends and I think Clerks 2 is an awesome movie! We wanted to know if Brad would do a cover song of Goodbye Horses from Q Lazzarus. You know the creepy silence of the lambs Buffalo Bill song. Take the creepy out and see clerks 2 to understand the humor in it. Everyone at work loves Bradsux and wanted to see if Brad would attempt a cover of it. Such groups that actually sounded better that did a remix were Psyche. Anyhow just small request.

I listened to the original and didn’t like it. Then I noticed it was stuck in my head and I started to like it. Then it seemed familiar and I realized my wife was obsessed with it a couple months ago. So here’s my cover:

Goodbye Horses (cover) [6 MB]

Posted on - October 30, 2009 [at] 10:18 am by Brad
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September demo: Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! [5 MB]

It’ll be track #4 on Guess Who’s a Mess.

Tomorrow I’m going to be putting all the demo instrumentals and vocals online on that page so anyone can mess with them before I’m done. Stay tuned, etc.

Posted on - September 28, 2009 [at] 3:25 pm by Brad
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So I failed again with the monthly demo. My excuse: it’s been a stupid crazy busy month and I’m addressing the problem, since I can’t seem to keep up anymore. It’s not an awful problem to have but it’s uncool.

Anyway, I need to make myself pay for my failure, so here’s two humiliatingly incomplete things you can listen to.

#1: Every now and then people ask me to make intro music for their shows or whatever. Then their shows get cancelled or do not air. Amber MacArthur asked me to do one last year and the show was immediately disintegrated. Here’s the thing I wrote for her:

Intro Music for the Damned [1.6 MB]

#2: Ben and I have been working on the two-person Brad Sucks live show for a while but are bringing a drummer in now. To help him out with practicing on his own we recorded the live set in my office. Direct-in, one take and at very low volume. Here are some embarrassing clips from that:

Crappy Live Clips [4 MB]

Neither are mixed worth a whatever, etc, etc, etc.

Posted on - August 24, 2009 [at] 9:40 pm by Brad
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