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Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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Big news! I’m releasing my first ever vinyl record. It’s called Better Than Nothing and it’s a compilation of eleven of the more popular Brad Sucks songs I put out from 2003 to 2012. It’ll be released in September via Feedbands (membership not required) and is available for pre-order now here:


  • The first ever, limited run Brad Sucks vinyl hand-pressed on a stunning orange to red gradient colored vinyl
  • 11 of the most popular Brad Sucks songs in one convenient package
  • The first 300 copies will be signed (by me)
  • All songs received a full remaster
  • Ships September 2017
  • Tracklist:

    Side A
    Making Me Nervous
    Certain Death
    Guess Who’s a Mess
    Dropping Out of School
    Feel Free! Plastic Surgery!
    Fixing My Brain

    Side B
    Bad Sign
    There’s Something Wrong
    Thanks for the Add
    You’re Not Going Anywhere

And here’s that pre-order link again:

Thank you!

Posted on - July 25, 2017 [at] 12:16 pm by Brad
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3 Comments on this post

fluffy on Better Than Nothing Preorder
July 27, 2017 at 8:40 pm

Lucky me – I’m already a Feedbands subscriber!

Out of curiosity, how did you manage to get this deal with them? They don’t normally announce preorders like this and their selection process always just seems so freaking opaque.

Brad on Better Than Nothing Preorder
July 28, 2017 at 5:12 pm

Not sure how the selection process works usually but they contacted me, verified I’d never pressed vinyl before & then posted my songs for voting. Many many months went by and individual songs did well but not enough on each album I think, so they pitched me on a compilation of the songs that did which sounded like a fun idea.

bart on Better Than Nothing Preorder
August 2, 2017 at 7:12 am

hey, thanks for doing this, super excited to add this to my collection!

great track list too.

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