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Hey. my music’s being used in this cool AirCassette iPhone app:

I threw all my bags of tapes out long ago but I still have have an emotional connection to some of the cassette designs.

Posted on - November 7, 2011 [at] 7:24 pm by Brad
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Arthur Frakking Dent on AirCassette
December 6, 2011 at 6:46 pm

I actually still have all my old cassettes. Thatway, when the RIAA or anyone else kicks in my door and starts raising hell over my MP3 collection, I can say, “Um, excuse me, but fuck off – the MP3s are digital copies of music I already own the license to.”

I also have all my old VHS Tapes, a Beta or two, and my books (which are also on the wife’s Kindle).

The other day I was rooting through an old box and found some old 45’s… Platinum Blonde “Cryin’ Over You” in original single release with big-hair cover shot on the sleeve. It’s now wrapped as a Christmas present for my buddy who owns a musically nostalgic decorated bar with heavy focus on the 80’s.

I’m a nice frakking guy.

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