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Well, February blew if you’re keeping track. Mark that one off and throw it in the stupid garbage.

On the up side I’ve got some shows booked in Kingston (May 14) and The Elmdale (June 11). Once I firm those up I’ll post the details. Should be some more coming also. I’m actually looking forward to those shows which is a nice change.

My Mac struggles seem to have evened out. My trusty MXL v67 mic started acting up so I replaced that. I’m thinking the new brain meds might not be doing the trick anymore so I’m gonna see a dude about that (a doctor, not just any guy). Also my cheap little Nanopad I was enjoying seems to have stopped working. What do you have to do in this life for things to always work and never cause any problems? I thought that was what I paid taxes for.

Posted on - March 3, 2011 [at] 4:48 pm by Brad
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Matt-the-twat on So long, stupid February
March 7, 2011 at 8:55 pm

Sounds like good footing to be coming into March on. A new demo would be fantastic.

A Brad with effective meds would be even better.

Take it easy man, but I do want to see this new album by the end of the summer! :P

kirsten on So long, stupid February
March 18, 2011 at 4:38 pm

dude your music is like beck joined the strokes and then had a really awkward and emabrrassing orgy with the dandy warhols! i like that you help dogs! please play a show in alberta. it fucking sucks out here but then you’ll appreciate ottawa more when you leave? i hope the new meds do something nice. i don’t know what you expect from them, though. i take cipralex, and while it makes me louder and weirder, i sure don’t sleep well! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! anypoo, everyone i play your music to – no matter what genre they usually like – fucking thinks the tunes are rad.

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