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My friend Ken Flagg (aka Vic-20, touring keyboardist for MC Frontalot) is using Kickstarter to fund a really cool looking animated music video for his song Pieces. He’s over halfway to his goal and needs a final push in the last few weeks. Here’s the project:

You can check out the album the song is from here. Good luck, Ken!

Posted on - August 26, 2010 [at] 1:04 pm by Brad
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cymbalta-2As a follow-up to my last post re: brain chemicals. I’m switching from Celexa, which I’ve been on for many years now to Cymbalta. I’ve been feeling a general decline in energy and optimism for a while and Ian’s post a few weeks ago really made me think about it and decide to make a change. My reaction to simple life challenges should not be to say “fuck you” and give up.

So we’ll see – this weekend I’m winding down my Celexa and will be kicking off next week with the Cymbalta. Here’s hoping I get to avoid finding out what brain zaps feel like. Brains are lame.

Posted on - August 21, 2010 [at] 7:34 pm by Brad
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I’m shopping around for some new brain chemicals. What are you folks on?

Update: oh man, I meant anti-depressants.

Posted on - August 16, 2010 [at] 9:49 pm by Brad
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Anyone using the Brad Sucks Digital Download Store (BSDDS) should probably upgrade to the new 0.50 release. I haven’t been working on it at all but thanks to the power of open source I’ve been receiving some contributions. These ones are thanks to Geoff Kassel (geoff at kassel dot id dot au):

  • made the store easier to customize – including currency settings, messages, and available payment methods
  • the store is now in standards-compliant HTML 4.01
  • added support for new file formats so that the store can sell e-books
  • preliminary support for per-product shipping pricing
  • debug code can now be toggled
  • logging output can now be customized and toggled
  • the admin login page now redirects automatically to the main admin page on a successful login
  • the button and logo for a payment method is displayed only if that method is enabled
  • improved security
  • improved code documentation
  • consistently formatted code

Thanks again Geoff.

Posted on - August 15, 2010 [at] 2:51 pm by Brad
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Hey, the Toronto show was nice, thanks to everyone. And so ends the first few shows with the new band. They’ve been fun, I’m pretty happy with how everything sounds and I don’t feel totally ashamed which is new.

Anyway, gonna take some time out and work on the next record and think about what’s next. There are a bunch of things that’ll need some adjusting as I go forward with the live show – like not losing money for instance. That would be awesome to not lose money.

Posted on - August 8, 2010 [at] 3:40 pm by Brad
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After a lot of planning, promotion, practice and worry, the show in Ottawa last night went pretty good I think. It was the first real club gig with the new band and I was surprisingly happy with the sound.

The crowd was energetic and fun, if not as large as I had hoped from the amount of frigging time I put in promoting it. Lots of people sang along with my songs and knew the words and I guess that might be the best feeling in the world.

I still feel scared having a laptop on stage. I wish I had a better solution but I don’t. I love computers and am good with them but that also makes me aware of how easily they can fail. When girls are dancing on stage all I can think about is “I hope they don’t accidentally yank out my firewire cable.” So, not exactly a carefree experience.

But it was good. Total success basically by all goals I set for it. And I’m looking forward to Toronto next Saturday. And then more shows?

Posted on - August 1, 2010 [at] 8:41 pm by Brad
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