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I happened across Bobby Owsinski’s blog when he replied to my review of one of his books. Lately he’s been posting links to a lot of isolated parts of songs with his comments on them, which is really interesting if you’re a recording nerd. Here are a few of my favorites:

And here are links to the categories themselves:

I hope he keeps it up. Also: I find the amount of reverb on older vocal recordings to be crazy!

Posted on - June 13, 2010 [at] 5:46 pm by Brad
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Venue: The Tranzac Club
City: Toronto, ON
When: August 7, 7pm
Cost: $12

Event listings:


Posted on - June 9, 2010 [at] 1:03 pm by Brad
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Trying to remember to blog things when I go out in to the really real world:

On May 17th I was on a panel at the Toronto Audio Engineering Society. I’m never sure about these things – I always feel like I’m just a mouthy imposter on panels but it was fun regardless. I tried to go to a ‘taco bar’ and it was closed. :( The panel was recorded and is up on somewhere. Oh and I met Phil who was on the panel with me and now we hang out all the time and are buds. Here he is dancing:

On May 27th I was on a phone-in panel for the Open Your World forum talking about Creative Commons. One thing I like about panels is that when they go well there’s a lot of interaction. On the phone that does not really happen. I wanted to debate with Daniel James as he seemed to be saying making easier to use music tools is a bad thing, but the phone made it weird. But I got to be on there with Curt Smith from Tears for Fears and am now lying to everyone and saying him and I hang out all the time and are buds.

On May 28th I was a (special!) guest at Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm‘s concert in Ottawa. We played SOS by ABBA (my and TheHipCola‘s cover of which can be found here). Paul and Storm particularly took it to another level with their accompaniment — and the melodica/acoustic guitar/kaossilator/tamborine solo we came up with moments before the show got big laughs. The audience was so polite it made me nervous I would disappoint them with my life choices.

Wow, @Bradsucks takes the stage with @jonathancoulton and @paulandstorm covering an Abba song by WTL-Ottawa.

(Photo credit: WTL)

Then. on May 29th I did the first Brad Sucks show with the new band (Ben on acoustic & electric guitar, Justin on drums, myself on electric and two computers and keys) at the Dandelion Festival/VegStock. Here’s me and a bit of Justin (drummer) and also the laptop (laptop) in the paper:


With only a 15 minute turbo setup/sound check I’ve come to believe it was a success even though there were some hiccups. I feel decent about the sound and will have some shows to announce soon. But I would like to have longer sound checks from here on out, please god please.

On May 30th I purchased Red Dead Redemption and spent the next few days drinking and completing it. It was very fun but Jesus Christ, lay off the cutscenes there Rock Star Games. I mean I have to watch a poorly paced ten minute cutscene and then I have to ride my horse next to a guy for another ten minutes while I listen to dialog? NO. YOUR SIMPLE PLOT DOES NOT REQUIRE THAT.

And this week it’s all been trying to book shows and working on music.

On Saturday (June 12th) I’ll be backstage at WestFest trying to resist annoying Sloan.

Posted on - June 8, 2010 [at] 9:49 pm by Brad
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Long ago I received an email from a nice young Spanish lady named Elisa who asked if her and her friends could use my song Dropping out of School for a lipdub (aka lipsync) video contest for Citroen. I said yes because I say yes to everything. They did this video:

Which I thought was so awesome. Then I got word that they won the contest! And they won a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea! To which I was invited since I technically participated in the project. But Citroen did not offer to fly me over there so I declined because I am not rich. Then the awesome group of Spanish folks asked me for a photo of myself so they could take it to the award ceremony. And they’ve sent me a bunch of photos:


Here’s me and Elisa (I think) hanging out by a car. Hey car, what up. Hey Elisa. Thanks for holding me.


I’m always awkward at social functions and this one manages to be no different.


Is that dude trying to pick my nose?


Hanging out by the snack trays is why I don’t fit into those tiny jeans anymore.


We’re going on a cruise! I’m going to get so drunk. On the Mediterranean!


Not sure what I had for dinner but it’s pretty clear I’ve been ditched. That centerpiece is interesting.

Posted on - June 2, 2010 [at] 8:56 pm by Brad
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