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I’m looking for anyone who might want to take over Brad Sucks Digital Download Store paid installations. I get a lot of requests and don’t have time for them anymore. I’d be happy to send them your way if you’re into it. Let me know.

Posted on - November 30, 2009 [at] 5:08 pm by Brad
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This month’s demo is actually mostly a song by my pal and guitarist Ben Mullin. He played a demo of it for me and I was like “let me cram my filthy vocals into that and produce it up” and he was like “let go of me”.

I Think You’re Alright (5 MB)

Posted on - November 27, 2009 [at] 11:46 am by Brad
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Here are some clips of Brad Sucks tracks in Rock Band:

Posted on - November 22, 2009 [at] 7:21 pm by Brad
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These are the songs that got more than two votes on the site here and on the Facebook group:


So I think we’re doing the top 6, but I’m not sure what to do about Making Me Nervous. It’s the most popular song but many people think it’s a bad fit for Rock Band. I’m sort of thinking about doing a remix with more guitars, but maybe that’d kill some of the fun. “Play along to a different version of a song you kinda liked!”

Posted on - November 15, 2009 [at] 6:25 pm by Brad
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Which Brad Sucks songs would you most like to play in Rock Band? We’re trying to figure out priority here.

Update: there are a lot of replies in the Facebook post.

Posted on - November 2, 2009 [at] 2:37 pm by Brad
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Halloween went good. I was battling a cold so my energy levels could have been more awesome. But I still managed to put in some solid plague doctor hours:



The children were either terrified by my very presence or thought I was Spy vs. Spy (modern goth edition I guess). One really young boy said “you’re a penguin!” Some yard snaps:





I’m about as sleepy as can be.

Posted on - November 1, 2009 [at] 7:59 pm by Brad
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