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Brad Sucks: Guess Who's a Mess album cover

Guess Who's a Mess, my third album. 10 tracks, instant downloads.

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April demo:

Model Home (demo) [5.7MB MP3]

Two things about this track:

  • It’s the first song on a concept album I’m working on. All the songs are roughed out (but incomplete) and the track order is decided. The other song I’ve released that fits on this album is Thanks for the Add (which will be track 5).
  • This is the first song I’ve done in REAPER. I’m really impressed with version 3 and I’m trying to switch to it from Cubase (more on that later). The mix isn’t great on this song but that’s not REAPER’s fault. It is a demo so I’m forcing myself not to care.

Posted on - April 16, 2009 [at] 11:04 am by Brad
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imageI bugged the author of (delicious/flickr style) file tagging software TaggedFrog to add support for audio file previews and v1.0.1 has it. (Make sure you grab and install Croak on the download page.)

I’m also told if you need mp3 support to download the irrKlang library and place the irrKlang.NET2.0.dll file in the root folder of your TaggedFrog installation. It’ll automatically enable mp3s in TaggedFrog. (It’s not included due to licensing issues.)

This is a pretty great solution for Windows musicians looking for something similar to Audiofinder for the Mac. Thanks Andrei!

Posted on - April 16, 2009 [at] 10:39 am by Brad
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Previously, on Twitter:

Neighbor agreed to give me the Vindicators arcade cabinet on his front porch "as long as I don’t tell his kids". Kekeke.

And now this is in my driveway:



Posted on - April 10, 2009 [at] 10:01 pm by Brad
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My pal Allen made this animated video for my song Time to Take out the Trash. Read about it on his blog or just plain watch it here:

I declare it to be sweet.

Posted on - April 3, 2009 [at] 1:10 pm by Brad
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