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A couple people asked for the permission form I offered in the previous post. So here you go:note-01

Pretty sure that’ll hold up.

Posted on - March 31, 2009 [at] 7:39 am by Brad
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image From the forums, this is great:

Something funny happened to me, at my school, a teacher saw my Brad Sucks t-shirt and decided to give me a talking to. She said That my shirt is very offending to people named Brad and that i cant wear it.

As I said I mentioned in the forum thread, if anyone needs a permission slip or something, please be in touch.

Also: God I hated school.

Just. Hated.

Update: here is the permission form people requested.

Posted on - March 29, 2009 [at] 6:39 pm by Brad
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I seem to Twitter more than I blog, so let me get caught up here:

  • My dog Maui was spayed Friday and is full of reflections on life without a cone collar:


    She’s got 12 days to go. :(

  • I’m still slowly working on the new live show. The pace should pick up soon and maybe some shows in a month or two?
  • I tried out some LandRollers (in my living room):


    I’m thinking about getting some of these to skate with the dog instead of buying a new bike (which was the original plan for this year). Only catch: I am not a skilled skater.

  • I’m also so close to being done with the new web design:


    Looking forward to getting that out the door.

  • Sellout Central Episode 13 goes up tonight at midnight. The fact that I’ve stuck with it for 13 episodes is all thanks to my podcast generator script. Still not sure I can do the entire year though – do I really like that many songs?

Posted on - March 29, 2009 [at] 12:43 pm by Brad
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Here’s my demo for March. It’s extra retarded:

I Command You to Be My Woman (demo) [4.5MB MP3]

The story behind it is this: my buddy JB from Songfight! asked some of his musician pals to write songs to surprise his would-be fiancee with just before he popped the question. I spent a month working on a very tender and sincere ballad and then shit-canned it at the last moment and wrote this thing.

Check out the other entries on Songfight. And I’d say wish JB good luck but she’d have to be jerk of the year to say no after everyone wrote all these songs. So I think it’s basically in the bag.

Posted on - March 14, 2009 [at] 10:00 am by Brad
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Here’s the final video for the Fake It Video Project:

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Also big thanks to Allen for editing it all together.

Posted on - March 4, 2009 [at] 6:29 pm by Brad
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MP3: Scientific Attempt To Create Most Annoying Song Ever:

An online poll conducted in the ’90s set Vitaly Komar, Alex Melamid and David Soldier on a quest to create the most annoying song ever. After gathering data about people’s least favorite music and lyrical subjects, they did the unthinkable: they combined them into a single monstrosity, specifically engineered to sound unpleasant to the maximum percentage of listeners.

It stretches the boundaries of what I would call a “song”, being 20 minutes long and the individual parts often have no musical relationship. It reminds me of one of those Halloween sound effects CDs but with accordion, opera rap and tuba.

The individual parts isolated often aren’t that bad, but as a whole it’s definitely a drag to listen to.

Posted on - March 1, 2009 [at] 10:51 am by Brad
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