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My pal Future Boy sends word of a complete remix album he did of Out of It:

outofit_cover This is my take on the album Out Of It by Brad Sucks. These aren’t so much remixes as they are what might have happened if Brad had approached me with his songs and asked me to produce his album. The vocal tracks are mostly intact and the song structures have not been messed with all that much. Nevertheless, these mixes are wildly different in character from the original tracks. The album was mastered by Ben Phenix.

So far I’m really enjoying it, the production is more experimental and makes the songs interesting to me again.

Posted on - December 29, 2008 [at] 12:22 am by Brad
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IMG_1519I’m not doing much of anything this holiday other than hanging with family plus getting nearly barfed on by the new puppy (who is still cute and still unnamed).

It’s weird, I sort of have no idea what the new year will bring. I have no real live show right now, lots of music sitting around needing to be finished and a lot of fairly decent work to do. I guess I’ll let the universe pull me wherever.

I’m happy with how my new record did in 2008 and all the cool people I got to meet. Thanks to everyone, hope you’re all having a great end of the year.

Posted on - December 26, 2008 [at] 9:30 pm by Brad
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Adopted this Catahoula/Beagle mix today:


She is super cute. Not traumatized too bad by us so far. Some quick introductory photos here.

Got any name suggestions?

Posted on - December 22, 2008 [at] 12:16 am by Brad
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Brad Sucks – Out Of It from FRAIM online.

Posted on - December 16, 2008 [at] 3:21 pm by Brad
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I’m working on getting someone to redesign this website. It needs to be wider, more attractive, blah blah. I’m pretty happy with the general layout and usability, but it could use a little lipstick and an eyebrow wax at least.

I spent some time going through all sorts of famous musician websites today. It’s pretty amazing how most of them are super cluttered and do not have music sections.

I mean I get that not everyone wants to give all their music away, but jesus, throw a dog a bone. If I get more music going to your MySpace page than I do your official website, something’s wrong.

Anyway, the most startling thing is that out of all the websites I visited, one of the best was Britney Spears‘:


What it’s got going for it:

  • Simple design
  • It’s not Flash
  • Straightforward navigation (home/blog/videos/music/photos/tour)
  • RSS feed
  • Hey, there’s a music section! (though it’s just music blog posts – cop-out)
  • Some actual content (from a team of Britney bloggers)
  • Britney’s Twitter status up top

I can’t say it’s the greatest but compared to most musician websites it’s amazingly restrained, simple and informative. Also it has inspired me to create a Brad Sucks fragrance.

What other musician websites are decent? Who should I steal from?

Posted on - December 8, 2008 [at] 4:55 pm by Brad
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Over the weekend I broke up with my band. It wasn’t them, it was me. Thanks to Bruce and Matt for the awesome support and good times. I’m trying to figure out what’s next and I’ll probably be looking for ideas on here.

How does a “one man band” do a rocking live show that isn’t boring as all hell?

Posted on - December 1, 2008 [at] 1:47 am by Brad
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