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Ugh, so busy. I didn’t even blog about Halloween. Here are some shots:




We were kind of busy (and lazy) this year so we didn’t really get up to a lot of the ideas we had. But I got to play with my jigsaw and made this witch and cat:

IMG_0253 IMG_0282

The resulting shadow was pretty good, though the cat didn’t show up very well:


My costume turned out nicely. This flash photo doesn’t really do it justice:


I’m really not much for scaring kids so what I would do instead of jumping at them or anything was stand completely still. The kids would see me and know something wasn’t quite right and they’d stare and stare. And I’d stare back at them and they’d just be completely unnerved, thinking something was going to happen I guess. And it seems I’m okay with doing that to children as I feel no remorse.

Posted on - November 10, 2008 [at] 11:22 pm by Brad
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3 Comments on this post

Tom on Halloween?
November 11, 2008 at 1:43 pm

Wait, you’re… NOT one for scaring kids? I was wrong about you, Brad.

DEAD wrong.

I guess that job reference I gave for you was wrong as well.

courtney on Halloween?
November 12, 2008 at 8:05 pm

Well, now I feel way less smug about the ghost doorknocker we stuck on the door that went WOOOOOOoooooo when you pushed it. Thnx for inadvertantly undermining my crappy Halloween decoration with your fabulous ones. >:O
The witch is my favourite! That is freaking awesome.

William on Halloween?
November 28, 2008 at 3:25 pm

Haha i like your costume :D
And i just took the first comment/spam opportunity to say i love your music, i have the first album for a while on my ipod now and today i checked your website and i was amazed u already have a second, and also free to download!
i love u (in a non-homosexual way)


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