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One of the nice things about finishing the new album is that I can indulge my useless creative impulses again without feeling quite as guilty. Last couple of days have been a flurry of making a tagging (aka non-hierarchical – delicious/flickr style) audio sample organizer. I mentioned it earlier here and here.

With a lot of obsessive struggling and swears, all the main functionality is there (in “sloppy learning-windows-programming-as-i-go” style):


It indexes a directory and all its subdirectories for .WAV files, saving them to a local database. You can select folders in the tree on the upper left and you can select files on the right side and they’ll play. If you right-click on files on the right side, you can enter tags (also known as labels and keywords). The tags are saved and displayed in the lower left panel. You can then click those tags to display the files tagged with them. This way a sample doesn’t have to belong to only one directory.

Also drag and drop to most audio apps I’ve tried works fine, preferences are saved via XML. The buttons at the top are just for easy testing and the search does nothing.

Posted on - September 30, 2008 [at] 11:28 pm by Brad
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Damien Benoit on Sample Organizer progress
October 1, 2008 at 9:34 am

Hey Brad, long time fan and id love to give you an idea on what else to build on if possible. I been thinking of trying to make it myself but you know, the getting back into programming thing.

The same thing you are doing but also add mp3. But thats not the part, say your a podcaster or just doing a live webcast using any various website they have now to do that or even live performances right?

Well if you had 1 program that could have multiple tags on any and every audio file in the fashion of columns or tabs.

You know on Limewire where you can type something in the search and it opens a tab searching whatever for what you just typed. Well you should have the ability to continue doing searches and everytime you press enter it opens a new tab, or column would be better so you can see them all at once and from the click of a file, it plays out.

This would be very useful say if you were on stage and you were talking about whatever and needed a certain sound in a huge library that you weren’t expecting to need but with a quick start of a search, even if you used that tag before, it could auto correct or complete or whatever and the press of enter and enter again will play the first sound on that one column you just searched or you can click to the exact one you want.

Even something smart that you could either put ratings or even a play count so the program knows which samples or triggers you use most and puts them at the top so its much easier to just type “dog” enter, enter and bam a dog starts barking, the exact one you like and use the most.

Know what im saying? Let me know and I can do whatever to help using my services as well cause I could sure use a program like that for live performances, podcasts as well as webcasts, which I do all 3!

thehipcola on Sample Organizer progress
October 1, 2008 at 1:43 pm

Awesome Brad! I’m very jazzed that you are doing this…my sample collection is SO unwieldly, and honestly, if it wasn’t in a recent acquisition, I’ve probably forgotten I have it. This looks like it’ll solve that nicely.

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