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I love Gmail. Conversation views, labels, keyboard macros and super fast search – it makes my life easier. One thing I also love are the email contact groups. It’s like tagging for humans and I love to categorize the people who email me (podcaster, blogger, fan, booker, musician, artist, family, mortal enemy, etc).

But it’s not as easy to group people as it should be. Here’s my easy to read prototype that I’d appreciate you forward to anyone you know at Google:


Instead of having to mouse over a contact name, get that card to show up, click More, click Contact Details, click Groups and select the group, instead I propose that all that be right in that popup. Amazing idea! I’m a genius!

Anyway, I’m sorry for the tone of voice. It’s mostly due to the hour I just wasted trying to get Greasemonkey to do exactly this. I love you Gmail, I could never stay mad at you.

Posted on - July 3, 2008 [at] 9:10 pm by Brad
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