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Barring act of god, the second Brad Sucks album — Out of It — will be released Monday September 8th, 2008. And then I will explode into dust.

It’s available for pre-ordering now. There’s also a preview with clips from the songs you might want to check out. That’s all on the Out of It album page.

I’m pretty nervous about this release. Rather than the long production time solidifying my choices and decisions I think it’s made me even less secure than usual. I hope people like it — OR ELSE I’M DOOMED.

Posted on - June 26, 2008 [at] 6:51 pm by Brad
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David points to this Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable on Amazon. The tags are wonderful. A small sampling:

snake oil (383)
ripoff (338)
waste of money (314)
throwing your money away (287)
unconscionable (267)
stupid (231)
immoral (204)
pure garbage (202)
cheat (191)
denon (50)
harry potter (47)
astronomically dumb (5)
tax on the stupid (5)
as effective as using dog hair (4)
fraud (4)
nonsense (4)
rofl (4)
time space (4)
wizards_made_th is (4)
a fine product indeed (3)
cable (3)
ftl (3)
how do they get through the door with ba… (3)
pt barnum (3)
shameful (3)
wtf (3)
59 inches (2)
audiofool hardware (2)
bogus (2)
corporate taxation of the uneducated (2)
cures cancer (2)
ecstacy godlike troll-killing superwmd u… (2)
eternal life (2)
ether-licious (2)

I’ve had a hate-on for “high-end” cables for a long time so this is wonderful to me. [via Joho]

Posted on - June 24, 2008 [at] 10:37 am by Brad
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(Made with the I Don’t Know What I’m Doing lyrics and wordle)

Posted on - June 11, 2008 [at] 10:56 pm by Brad
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Years after I probably should have released them, here are all the instrumentals from I Don’t Know What I’m Doing:

[60mb ZIP]

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately (even though the full source is available) so I finally rendered them all out.

Update: Fixed the link (I’m a dummy).

Posted on - June 10, 2008 [at] 5:00 pm by Brad
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Server outages bring out the doodler in me. Gig poster for the show on Friday:


(Here’s the PDF [3mb].)

Did you know: 60% of the bands playing Friday start their names with “the”.

Also I was asked to deface a t-shirt with my signature and lyrics from Dirtbag:



Spot the errors, I’m an idiot.

Posted on - June 2, 2008 [at] 10:46 pm by Brad
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The data center the bradsucks server’s in I guess had a big-ass explosion, which is why it’s been offline for the past couple of days.

As they work out backup power I expect service will be spotty for a while, so if you want to read me complaining about it you can follow me on Twitter.

Also: if you emailed me in the past couple days, you may want to re-send.

Update: I guess their backup generator exploded resulting in another day of downtime. Man, what a shitty week for the bradernet.

Posted on - June 2, 2008 [at] 3:46 pm by Brad
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