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new-indiana-jones-4-and-the-kingdom-of-the-crystal1 Having now seen Indiana Jones 4 I am finally free from looking forward to anything by George Lucas, hooray!

Indy 4 was terrible and at least as bad as The Phantom Menace. I’m not sure how it’s managed a score of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes as I write this, but I have to assume that will be lowered by time and careful reflection.

Here’s my ranty spoiler-filled list of things I can remember disliking:


Posted on - May 27, 2008 [at] 10:55 pm by Brad
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My friend Allen is working on a tasteful and mysterious series called “Fat Dinosaurs“. I drew this to win his respect:


We’ll see if it works!

Posted on - May 24, 2008 [at] 10:10 am by Brad
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Tonight Hit the Bong With Me [MP3], music written by Lee David in 1926.

Sometimes you have to destroy a song to learn its secrets.

Posted on - May 23, 2008 [at] 1:47 am by Brad
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00584060_2 The borrowed PA in the practice garage went away so I reached into the vast (vast!) Brad Sucks war chest and bought two 270 watt Peavey PR10PN Powered Loudspeakers. Despite forgetting my mixer at home they did a nice job at rehearsal last night. Very clear and full sound, plus I have them up on stands now which I think helps them stand out from the murky low frequencies.

I knew nothing about monitors or live sound before. I did a lot of reading and here uh are some… knowledge:

  • People on live sound forums are kind of annoying, possibly worse than recording forums. God forbid you not want to outfit your garage with multiple $1500 JBL’s.
  • Powered speakers are now a viable alternative to a powered mixer + passive speakers and offer more flexibility. But they’re newer so they’re hard to find used.
  • The Peaveys have optional brackets to position them as floor-wedge monitors.
  • The Peaveys actually have three inputs on each speaker. Two quarter inch and one 1/4″/XLR combo. All have level control, which is impressive.
  • With powered monitors you can use a regular passive/unpowered mixer, which are cheap and plentiful.

The other point of this was to make it easier to integrate the laptop into the full band, which so far has been a huge struggle technology-wise.

Posted on - May 22, 2008 [at] 10:33 am by Brad
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I want a Twitter-style service for freeform, taggable, time-stamped data. My intended purpose would be to log real-world items. Like I’d IM/text/email the Data Twitter service with:

bike ride tags: bike, ride, exercise

writing a blog post tags: status, writing

phone call from annoying dude tags: annoying dude, phone

basketball tags: basketball, sports, exercise

These would all be time-stamped as I add them. A duration may also be useful.

The data could then be queried, searched, accessed via API from other web sites & apps, read via RSS and imported into spreadsheets.

Potential applications:

  • import specific tags (like ‘exercise’) for a certain time period into a spreadsheet for analysis
  • power cross-site social widgets from the data feed (most recently listened to songs, task completion, current status)
  • use as a remote control for triggering events in software monitoring the feeds (bittorrent clients, server administration)

It’s super nerdy, by nature deals with private instead of social data and likely wouldn’t scale, but I still want it.

Posted on - May 13, 2008 [at] 12:41 pm by Brad
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Here’s some in-the-wild proof of what you get when you send in a tip, bad penmanship and all:


Thanks Scott!

Posted on - May 11, 2008 [at] 11:55 am by Brad
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Everything around here’s breaking. The first channel on my Presonus Bluetube magically broke during the night. As you can see, the first channel input is pegged to the max even though there’s nothing plugged into channel 1:

Broken stuff 003

And for the past couple of months I’ve been aware the phantom power light on my Behringer Eurorack UB1204-PRO is always on regardless of the switch setting on the back:

Broken stuff 002

(It’s the red light beside the blue one. Spooky!)

I guess I’ll open up the BlueTube and see if there’s anything obviously wrong inside. Wait, first I’ll shake it.

Update: shaking did nothing. I opened it up and there was nothing broken looking. Poked around a bit and tugged on wires and things, powered it back on and now it works again. La-di-da.

Update 2: It broke again after a couple days of working fine. Presonus says $65 + shipping to repair. Blergh.

Posted on - May 9, 2008 [at] 2:04 pm by Brad
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mappy-email I’ve open-sourced my little Google Maps email signup gizmo that I use on my live page and when visitors sign up for things (blogged about it here and here.)

You can grab the script here:

Brad’s Mappy Email Signup (google code project)

It’s another quick and dirty project from Brad Labs, cleaned up a bit from my implementation of it. But it’s been working very nicely and I’m super happy to have the data for live show planning purposes instead of relying on Eventful as a middle-man.

Posted on - May 9, 2008 [at] 10:34 am by Brad
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A long time ago I put out a call for album art for the new record and got a lot of great submissions in the forum thread. A few complications arose that I hadn’t realized — mainly that for printing I need a super high-res version. Plus a cover isn’t enough for a CD, you also need the back, the inside and the disc face, etc, etc. I’d love to put the submitted covers in a gallery so people can use them as the cover art if they want.

Here are some of my favorites:

outofit-cover-01 outofit-cover-02
outofit-cover-03 outofit-cover-04

(credits: Douchegordijn, Ash, Forsten, onemorechris — thanks to everyone who submitted!)

I also had a difficult time deciding what really fit with the album. I take that kind of stuff maybe too seriously and felt lost. When I was whining about my lack of direction a friend reminded me that the best way to find a focus is to go personal, find something meaningful to me. Without an anchor in reality I just float around.

ANSI art was a big part of my life during my isolated nerdy teenage years. That time was largely defined by dropping out of high school, hanging out on BBS‘s, having no friends, playing video games, rarely going outside and antidepressants. The songs on Out of It are all about those sorts of feelings, so I felt a strong connection. I’m not sure it’s one many people will pick up on at first glance, but it’s important to me that it’s there.


And now I’m gonna go play some video games. Life is so different now!

Posted on - May 1, 2008 [at] 2:33 pm by Brad
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