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The Berkman Center at Harvard has posted the deets about my Web of Ideas deal there:

Web of Ideas with David Weinberger and Special Guest Musician Brad Sucks
Monday, February 11, 7:00 PM
Griswold Hall Room 110
Harvard Law School

RSVP is required if you’re going as I think there’s limited space.

Web of Ideas is an evening night discussion series at the Berkman Center, lead by Berkman Fellow David Weinberger, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined and Everything is Miscellaneous. Each session will begin with a 20 minute discussion-opener, followed by open conversation. Food will be provided.

Be sure to say hi if you attend. I’m really looking forward to it, it should be pretty interesting and I like everyone I know down there already. Also one of my main passions is talking about myself so it seems like a perfect fit.

Posted on - February 3, 2008 [at] 6:38 pm by Brad
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5 Comments on this post

bjrn on Harvard thing
February 10, 2008 at 8:07 pm

Good luck today (yeah, it’s past midnight here). Let us know how it went when you get back. :)

Brad on Harvard thing
February 11, 2008 at 1:15 am

Thanks bjrn. I’ll definitely blog it up — unless it’s a humiliating disaster of course.

Dan Bruno on Harvard thing
February 12, 2008 at 12:14 am

That was fun!

Highlight: Brad’s stone-faced reply to a dude up in the top row who wondered why he didn’t care about making money. “Well, I have a bunch of CDs in my bag; wanna buy one?”

Lowlight: The sound “system,” such as it was. My laptop has better speakers.

Still, I wasn’t there for the music, and the talk was very cool. Hope to see some rocking out tomorrow at the Middle East.

Brad on Harvard thing
February 12, 2008 at 12:21 am

Good to meet you, Dan. Yeah the sound system was balls. They accidentally took my mic clip with the mic stand too. Hopefully the sound system at the middle east is better or I’m just putting my CD on and hitting the bar.

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