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 September 29, 2007 140

We had a good showing last year but we’re gearing up for Halloween 2007. First step is putting up some advertising like this countdown sign that’s now on our front porch. Here it is with the camera flash:

September 29, 2007 137

They’re laminated fluorescent posterboard letters with a black light shining on them. The numbers are attached to the board with velcro. The crappy pictures don’t really do it justice, it looks awesome in person. (We stole this whole idea from here, but are proud of how it turned out.)

32 days left!

Posted on - September 29, 2007 [at] 8:22 pm by Brad
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Ceyshe' on It’s almost that time again
October 18, 2007 at 8:02 pm

If you are truly hardcore about Halloween, you can try this…
Make a cool hologram illusion!

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