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I went to IKEA today thinking I might pick up a few things to improve my office:

hannesHANNES – I wanted this as a side-table/keyboard stand so I could put my 50 key MIDI keyboard on the pull-out shelf and my little Axiom 25 on the top with room for junk on the side. In person the HANNES was flimsy and ugly and too deep. I would have had to modify it a lot to work for me and the particleboard was so thin I think it’d disintegrate if I took a saw to it. Pass.

daveDAVE – On the website this looked like a good general use laptop/side-work table. In person it’s real wobbly so I didn’t get it. I may go back for it, I think the equivalent non-wobbly version from somewhere else would cost at least three times the price. Pass.

bradaBRÄDA – This was pretty much exactly as advertised. Cheap little laptop lap table. Hard on top, cushiony underneath. Also I enjoy the name. Bought.

Also I forgot to look around for a FARTYG.

Posted on - August 12, 2007 [at] 5:44 pm by Brad
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BG on IKEA shopping results
August 13, 2007 at 1:16 pm

I got this bad boy at Staples for only $175Cdn with free delivery, I think just after the post about your now discontinued IKEA desk, Jerker was it?

Axiom 49 fits nicely on the larger surface, and easily pushes back and out of the way.,109&webid=517456&affixedcode=WW

Mack on IKEA shopping results
August 15, 2007 at 3:12 pm

Well, one out of three isn’t bad! It’s hard to correctly judge IKEA products unless you’re in person. They have a lot of nice stuff, like my computer desk that I paid about $110 for a few years ago.

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