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Because I like money, I was real excited about Amazon’s Flexible Payments Service, the new Paypal competitor from Amazon. I was looking forward to adding it to my digital download store, but much like Google Checkout it doesn’t support Canadian merchants. Lame.

Posted on - August 6, 2007 [at] 6:59 am by Brad
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Cheez on Amazon Flexible Payments Service
August 6, 2007 at 12:07 pm

Cool!! I love it when there is some competition in the mix – especially when it comes to competitors to Paypal. They make a KILLING and I think they pretty much do whatever they want to.

That does stink about Canadian merchants. SURELY they (along with Google Checkout) will add that at some point. How could you just not deal with Canada? That’s gotta be a huge chunk of change they’re missing out on.

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