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I was helping out at the White Glove Tracking project today, creating white glove data that I’m sure will be used in a way that will better humanity. Anyway, it made me go re-watch Michael Jackson’s legendary 1983 Motown Billie Jean performance:

It’s still entertaining, but two things stand out:

  • Michael is so obviously lip-synching. I don’t hear many people mention that when they talk about this performance.
  • That glove is huge. Did they have nothing in Michael’s size?

Posted on - May 4, 2007 [at] 7:57 am by Brad
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Brad on Michael Jackson
November 17, 2007 at 5:57 am

I have always thought that performance was one of his most overated performances. Check out any Billie Jean he performed on his Dangerous or History tours i think they are SO much better.

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