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 Found this gem on the Ween news page today:

I’m kind of overwhelmed by the amount of demos we’ve received for consideration at Chocodog Records. At the moment I’m behind a little due to the touring, but I’ve listened to every one that’s been sent so far, and it hasn’t been pretty. Here’s pretty much what happens when you send me your demo. Usually me and a couple of friends get together at the ween studio around 10pm and drink beer and watch baseball. After awhile I’ll say “hey I have this bag of demos sent to our p.o. box, let’s check ’em out”, and my friends will then groan, knowing that we’re in for hours of torturously bad music. We go through the pile of envelopes, first we laugh as we read your bio, then we laugh at your photo (if you sent one), then we put on the cd and prepare ourselves for the worst. We give each track about 30 seconds to see if it sucks so bad that there’s no hope of it getting better, if this is the case it gets immediately thrown in the trash, if it’s mediocre, we’ll listen for a minute and then skip to the next track. If that’s mediocre too, then it gets thrown in the trash. After about 45 minutes of this process, all hope is generally lost and there is a really bad vibe in the room. The critiquing process gets shorter and tempers start to rise. We usually then will put on the best cd we have lying around, like Earth Wind and Fire or some other music where the people actually know how to write songs, sing, and play their instruments. This helps to cleanse our ears. So if you’d like to submit your music for consideration you can do so by sending it to Chocodog Records p.o. box 669 New Hope, PA 18938


Posted on - February 27, 2007 [at] 8:49 pm by Brad
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buildingonfire on Chocodog records
February 27, 2007 at 11:45 pm


Reminds me of the Warp Records demo policy; for a while they claimed they would only accept demos submitted on MiniDisc. Some speculated it was so they could give the rejected media to their artists to re-use.

JY on Chocodog records
February 28, 2007 at 3:40 pm

Ah…the benefits of having your own record label…your own music meets the label’s standards because, after all, it’s your own music and therefore it undoubtedly must be good. But everyone elses music needs a strict screening process to make the cut. And with your own label, you never have to worry about getting dropped from the label roster. ;-)

LO FI TERRORIST on Chocodog records
December 8, 2007 at 5:53 pm


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