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After trying to quit for Google Bookmarks, I’m back at Here’s what I liked about Google Bookmarks:

  • The GMarks extension is great, with super quick posting (integrated in Firefox’s CTRL-D bookmark dialog!), a nice sidebar for quick bookmark searching and a toolbar star displaying whether you’ve bookmarked the page you’re on.
  • When you search in Google your bookmarks are labelled as having been bookmarked.

What I hated about Google Bookmarks:

  • Clunky weird online interface. Just… bad.
  • I missed having public bookmarks. People would ask me for things and instead of saying “uh go check my audio tag in my bookmarks” I had to go look.

Now I’m looking for an extension for that’s as good as GMarks.

Posted on - January 23, 2007 [at] 10:52 am by Brad
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