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bradsucks: before the show i went to some asian t-shirt store
bradsucks: i tried on a medium and i couldn’t even get it buttoned
bradsucks: then i went to a large and i barely got it buttoned
bradsucks: then the clerk told me that they’re “asian sizes”
bradsucks: apparently i’m an asian extra large
bradsucks: even the change room was small
bradsucks: i kept banging my arms on the walls and ceiling
bradsucks: anyway i wrestled everyone in the store and took what i pleased

Posted on - August 31, 2006 [at] 3:12 pm by Brad
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The show tonight went pretty well despite some hardware troubles. The glam thing to say is that we blew an amp but the reality is that it just kinda fizzled out on us.

Sojourn kicked all sorts of ass and I hope to play with them again.

Anyway there was a good crowd and thanks to everyone for coming out. At the next show I hope that nothing interesting will happen and there will be no adventures or spontaneity.

Posted on - August 31, 2006 [at] 2:18 am by Brad
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Got a show tonight, so yesterday I thought “hey, why not use MySpace to send out invitations to people who are in the area?” Man, what a good use for a social network, I think to myself.

I head over and create an event and it manages not to break. Then I search for MySpace friends that are in Ottawa to invite and the search totally doesn’t work. It just returns nothing every time and that’s just completely incorrect.

Anyway I was so angry and it was too early to kill the pain with alcohol so I wrote a script to grab all the URLs of my 900+ friends and then search their profiles for the word “Ottawa”. Better than nothing. God I hate MySpace so much.

Posted on - August 30, 2006 [at] 11:28 am by Brad
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Man I want a Chumby so bad.

Posted on - August 28, 2006 [at] 7:43 am by Brad
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Music Thing has some first Cubase SX4 screenshots. Looks all right I guess, though I don’t care much about what all the stock plugins are going to look like. My biggest wishes are 1) make it easier to import audio and then stretch/manipulate it, 2) some sort of sample (and maybe preset) organizer so I can tag my loops and find them easily and 3) make it easier to render VST instruments.

So from the shots available I’m mostly interested in the media bay:

And this SoundFrame Browser, which looks like a VST preset organizer:

My biggest problem in any sequencer is feeling all disorganized and not being able to get at what I want quickly enough, so these additions could be cool.

Posted on - August 27, 2006 [at] 1:34 pm by Brad
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So the guitar painting summary: I’d say it was a success. Here’s what it looked like before:

And here’s the “after”. Me using it on stage at Riverpalooza:


While I can point out imperfections in my work until everyone gets totally bored, I think it looks good enough. Definitely learned a lot about guitars and painting and general craftsmanship along the way, which was the point.

I like the guitar. I installed new pickups which sound a lot better and a new switch (the old one was broken). I’m noticing some possible intonation problems which I may have to go get my local guitar guy to look at, though I’ve gotten cocky enough to adjust my own truss rod and bridge now, so we’ll see if I can fix it on my own.

A lot of people have asked me for advice as I’ve done this project, so here are a few things I’d do differently if I started it over again:

  • I would make sure to sand the sanding sealer down better. I wasted a lot of time by not sanding it properly and then the primer didn’t adhere to it. I thought shinier was better. Also any nicks and dents that are visible now were certainly visible at the sanding sealer stage.
  • I would be more careful around the edges when sanding. Everything I read said to be careful around the edges when sanding and I still wasn’t careful enough. The edges are where you can see the biggest imperfections on my guitar.
  • I’d sand the inside of the “horns” better. The two pointy things at the top. In there I did the lamest, laziest sanding job and it looks bumpy and gross. No big deal, who can see it, right? Well, whenever you look down as you’re playing it, you’ll see it and you’ll remember how lazy of a sander you are.
  • I would put more than 10 thin clear coats on the guitar. Can’t hurt to have the extra coats if you’re unsure about wet-sanding. I managed to sand through the clear in a few points and strip off some of the paint. Extra clear would have given me some extra protection and it doesn’t take that long to apply.

Sanding, sanding, sanding. If I had to do it over again it would be way easier just for the experience in sanding that I’ve picked up.

Want to do this yourself? Here’s the reference material I used:

  • Paint Your Own Guitar – I bought this eBook — it and the free videos you get were a huge help. My only complaint is that the book is geared more towards copying various famous rock guitar designs and solid colored guitars are considered afterthoughts. But really, about 90% of what I did I learned from this book.
  • Project – Great site with a lot of excellent tutorials. This is the site I got the heat stripping idea from, which was a fairly painless way to strip the guitar.

And thanks a lot to everyone who emailed and commented with helpful advice and suggestions. Part of my motivation for blogging the whole process became knowing that someone out there might be able to help if I boned things up too badly.

Other parts in this series: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Posted on - August 26, 2006 [at] 10:25 pm by Brad
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Been having troubles lately with my capo throwing the tuning out on my guitar. I put the thing on at a gig and about 70% of the time it’s squelch city. The thing is just a clamp so I feel mighty dumb not operating it correctly.

From my quick reading on the net it seems this is a common problem and (I suspect) is made worse on my crappy blue guitar due to different string tension or something probably more technical.

I was looking around at all the different types of capo and found the G7th capo which claims to be the greatest capo in the world:

I want to believe the hype of course. But it’s like fifty bucks! Maybe after I get my iced grill and pimp cup.

Posted on - August 25, 2006 [at] 12:46 am by Brad
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Apparently there’s a peeping tom in my neighborhood. Got word someone three blocks away broke his hand on the peeping tom’s face the other night after catching him looking in his window for the second time but was kicked in the nuts and the p-tom got away.

p-tom is the slang term I’m trying to invent as I don’t think there’s anything lamer than being called a ‘peeping tom’.

Posted on - August 24, 2006 [at] 8:00 pm by Brad
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Our next gig is at The Rainbow on Wednesday, August 30th. Sojourn are opening for us. Feel like plastering Ottawa in posters this weekend?

Here’s a PDF for easy printing. And here’s one without the falling guy in case you need it.

Posted on - August 23, 2006 [at] 3:16 pm by Brad
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A compressed version (sub 500k) of Making Me Nervous is now the default project of REAPER as of v1.0 release candidate 2. That kicks ass as I’m obviously a big fan of the program.

Update: also Justin just posted a neat series of screenshots demonstrating the evolution of REAPER.

Posted on - August 22, 2006 [at] 11:09 pm by Brad
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