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Google launched this Google Browser Sync tool for Firefox. It’s mean to keep your settings in sync between multiple copies of Firefox.

At first I was excited because only weeks ago I had the idea for something like this as setting up Firefox on new Windows installs is annoying. But it doesn’t sync your Firefox extensions! Weak.

Posted on - June 8, 2006 [at] 4:11 pm by Brad
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bwana on Google Browser Sync
July 3, 2006 at 3:36 am

Yeah, my reaction was similar. My extensions never seem to match across all of the five machines on which I run Firefox, so I was hoping this would address that. Synchronized bookmarks I can get elsewhere, so having this run constantly (and apparently crashily) just to have my cookies and passwords consistent is not enough. The extension also appears to have problems if it is not on a super fast connection; I get time-outs all the time from home, but never at work…

I am hoping that the next version is a little more robust.

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