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PreSonus.Firebox.2451.jpgHere’s how installing the Presonus Firebox went:

  • it takes me about a century to pry the dynex firewire card out of its plastic package but i manage not to cut my hands open. i pray there’s no driver cd in the back.
  • i install the pci card into my desktop
  • i make a note to buy some compressed air to clean this thing out soon
  • i reboot, windows detects and installs the firewire card. sweet!
  • i open up the firebox. ah, a power adapter. for some reason in my dreams of mobile simplicity i forgot that this thing needed power as well. no big deal i guess
  • i plug it all in
  • “Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?” dude, go away.
  • it’s not automatically finding the drivers off the cd-rom, probably needs me to run an installer or something
  • find the installer on the cd, run it
  • “Before you continue, please disconnect your IEEE 1394 audio device(s) from this computer system.” aw man, i just hooked it up.
  • i disconnect it
  • continue with the install
  • successfully installed and i have a new thing in my tray. this is what it looks like: what’s that supposed to be?
  • control panel thing says i’m at 10ms latency. nice.
  • i hook a set of headphones up to it, audio’s working, sounds good
  • i disconnect the behringer mixing board i was using only for the headphones and monitor gain control and hook my monitors up to it, sounds good there too. no real difference from the delta 66, which is fine by me
  • first annoyance: sitting on my desk, the main level knob is awkwardly low and hard to get at with the fingers. not as convenient as the fader situation with the behringer i had going on before. why’d they put the main level knob on the bottom where it would be more awkward to get at?
  • i realize i’ll miss the quick mute channel button on my mixer for when i need to shut my monitors up for recording
  • i think about recording some audio, decide to go to bed and read manuals

I’ll continue this tomorrow and may try to drag my laptop and new sound card to band practice.

Posted on - April 17, 2006 [at] 11:26 pm by Brad
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Chuck on Presonus Firebox
January 18, 2010 at 1:02 am

Hey every time I try to install the hardware it tell me to plug it in I do just that click next and then it says cant find device what should I do

Attis on Presonus Firebox
December 26, 2013 at 3:09 am

Presonus is made in China same as Berringer.

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