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bodyworlds-soccer.jpgI went to see Body Worlds 2 in Toronto yesterday. You can read about it on Wikipedia here, see lots of images of it on Google Images here. (We weren’t allowed to take pictures.)

It was a little crowded but otherwise corpse-tastic. Before I went in I was concerned I might puke, I’m not big on dead things. But once I got in there that fear faded and I was more afraid someone else would puke and that would create a puke chain reaction that would take me down with it. After a while that wore off and nothing much happened. Bodies are gross though.

Posted on - February 12, 2006 [at] 9:49 pm by Brad
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Dijana on Body Worlds 2
March 18, 2006 at 3:04 am

I didn’t know what to expect from bodyworlds. I went by myself. I looked at everything. I spent a little bit of mental effort debating the is it art or science question and then headed to the exit.

I guess I didn’t look so good as I was leaving though because they stopped me and asked if I needed a few minutes. I was in a truly odd state of mind. The only lasting impression that i had afterwards was that those people gave their bodies over for this grand project and now they’re being slowly broken off in tiny bits because of being moved around. So, I guess at some point they’ll be too ratty to keep on display and will have been replaced with more beautiful and recent specimens.

So does that mean that they’ll end up in some closet of a third rate university anatomy class in the next decade? Or when they signed over their remains was there a clause about being re-gifted?

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