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I’m way, way, hopelessly, way behind on posting remixes. I’ve been in denial about it as they’ve stacked up, but I think I have to admit that I’m so far behind I may never be caught up again. I still love getting the remixes — but it takes a lot of time to process them and I’m short on the time lately.

CC Mixter and I’ll make listing those here a priority. Sorry to all the remixers who sent stuff in that hasn’t been posted. Anyway, I just thought I’d come clean.

Update: Remix posts to CC Mixter should automatically show up in the remix section (way down at the bottom) now. Still tidying that up, but it seems to work.

Posted on - February 28, 2006 [at] 11:24 pm by Brad
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The gig on Saturday night went all right, the roads were snowy as hell and not too many people were there, but it was a nice second full-length show despite all our colds. Thanks to the folks that did come out and said kind things.

I broke my A string on the second last song (“We’re Not Friends”) and decided not to play guitar for the finale (a cover of “Search and Destroy” by The Stooges) instead of re-stringing for one song. Then while I sang without playing my hands got bored and I pulled on the broken A string and I guess cut my finger open and I saw a pretty decent amount of blood coming out of my hand.

Anyway, it was probably the most rock and roll thing in the history of me and it all ended when I was given a band-aid after the show. I’m sure Iggy Pop would have done the same.

Posted on - February 27, 2006 [at] 12:55 pm by Brad
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Brad Sucks is opening for Just this Saturday night at Greenfields Pub. I think we go on at 9pm. We’ve practiced a lot but we may all have colds. Rocking will be attempted nonetheless.

Posted on - February 23, 2006 [at] 11:30 pm by Brad
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Synthesizer Medley 1985 – Video of Thomas Dolby, Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, and Stevie Wonder in a Synthesizer Medley at the 1985 Grammys. What the- [via]

Posted on - February 22, 2006 [at] 12:45 pm by Brad
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Zach wrote in to tell me that he heard a version of my song Dirtbag in a trailer mashup contest. The entry is by Mike Hindes and called Toy Story 2 Requiem. It’s a hilarious mash-up trailer of the movies Toy Story 2 and Requiem for a Dream.

(15mb WMV) (Warning: there’s some R-rated language.) Very awesome. It almost makes me glad I sat through 90% of Requiem for a Dream so I could find this extra funny. Almost. I’ll never forgive that movie.

I also like how absurd the level of mashup-ness is getting on my music. “Hey, an Israeli remix of your song was used in a movie trailer mashup!” Say what now?

Posted on - February 21, 2006 [at] 2:47 pm by Brad
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TheHipCola and I did an ABBA cover. Grab it here. (6mb mp3)

This is for the ABBA Sidefight going on over at Songfight where everyone was called upon to cover ABBA songs. I’ve been real into ABBA lately so I wanted to do something for it. I think ours turned out well. Hard to live up to the awesome original though.

Posted on - February 21, 2006 [at] 12:57 pm by Brad
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I’m trying to put my Brad Sucks gallery back together. I lost a lot of that stuff in some sort of server disaster long ago. If you’ve done any Brad Sucks artwork or videos, feel free to send them in. Also I’m trying to remember the credits for some of the things in there.

Posted on - February 20, 2006 [at] 3:21 pm by Brad
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Oh yeah, the logo entries are now online and you’ll get to see what the community rated them in a couple hours. There were 82 entries all in all, though that has dropped down to 79 now for some reason.

I think I have a week to decide on a winner, so I’ll do a little write-up re: my thoughts and feelings when I do.

Posted on - February 18, 2006 [at] 12:38 am by Brad
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There are 24 hours left in the Worth1000 Brad Sucks logo contest. 52 entries so far and I’m looking very much forward to seeing them.

Posted on - February 15, 2006 [at] 2:10 am by Brad
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I’ll be on the “Blog-Rolling” panel at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on Saturday, March 4th. So if you happen to be there, feel free to throw something at me.

I’ve never been to one of these fancy music conferences so it’ll be interesting. I have so much great, great advice for other independent musicians I don’t know if an hour will be long enough. I also hope I can go the entire hour without saying the phrase “whore yourself out”. We’ll see how I do!

Posted on - February 14, 2006 [at] 6:03 pm by Brad
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