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I’ve put the playtagger on most pages on this site that have MP3s. Like the music page and the remix album as well as the other albums. So if you have Flash installed you should see a little play icon next to the MP3 links that will let you stream the song. I think it’s too handy to not use when it’s so easy to implement. My complaints:

1. I have to include a script off of the server. So if they go down (which they’ve been prone to lately), my playing goes down. Hopefully it won’t freeze and choke my site during the Javascript include.

2. I have no control over the look of the play button. Not that I’m artistically gifted enough to do much with it, but it’d be nice.

3. It’s messier than it needs to be when you hit play because it rams a “tag this” link in there. I understand there’s no reason for to provide this app if they’re not getting something out of it, but it’s ugly and probably just confusing to any non-nerd visitors I might have. Also it tends to make the page jump around when it expands and contracts.

4. It may create a bandwidth apocalypse. Streaming and direct linking and so on is scary business. I like that people can bookmark my songs and stream them off, but the bandwidth implications frighten me. But I guess we’ll see what happens.

So while it’s a pretty cool tool, I’d jump ship to a version I could host and customize a bit better in a hot second.

Posted on - January 9, 2006 [at] 4:54 pm by Brad
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