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trio.jpgFollowing up on the Bonzai USB 2.0 Card Reader, Marcus sent me a link to this Mach Speed TRIO MP3 Player & 128MB SD Card which is basically what I want:

This incredibly small Mach Speed MP3 player is the perfect musical entertainment device to take with you everywhere you go! Slip it into any pocket and get ready to enjoy your favorite tunes any time, anywhere! The tiny but powerful MP3 player supports 16mb, 32mb, 64mb, 128mb, 256mb, 512mb and 1GB SD/MMC flash memory cards and offers 7 to 8 hours playback of superior sound.

It’s $57.99 at the link above, but it’s only $29.99 on Amazon. But all the reviews there seem to be trashing the thing. So I’d like one that works.

Posted on - January 9, 2006 [at] 4:00 pm by Brad
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