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When it comes to Linux, I was a pretty big SuSE advocate. It was user friendly and easy to use. But ever since I upgraded to SuSE 9.3 it’s been a roller-coaster ride of instability. I thought we had finally come to agreement as the past few months were relatively peaceful, but on Thursday it wouldn’t download anything. I tried to SSH in and it hung after I entered a username, so I rebooted and discovered it had taken out the entire 200 gig hard drive in that computer somehow.

Whether this is SuSE’s fault or a hardware issue, I’m not sure, though the hard drive seems to be physically fine. So now I’m on to trying Debian. If anything suspicious happens I’m throwing that computer out the window.

Posted on - November 26, 2005 [at] 12:06 pm by Brad
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Charles on So long, SuSE
December 2, 2005 at 4:17 am

SuSE is notorious for that kind of thing. I gave up on it rather quick like. Debian can be a pain in the ass. I recommend Fedora 4.

SchAmane on So long, SuSE
December 2, 2005 at 5:55 pm

Hi, like your musik.
I am SuSE long time user self, now actualy i like gentoo much more. And you know, you should try Ubuntu. Its perfect Desktop System.

chronicon on So long, SuSE
December 3, 2005 at 4:54 pm

Linux user since RH 5.2. I have about ten distros loaded on my main box. I love SuSE, YaST can’t be beat for GUI config tools. Try a 10.x version. If not, then Ubuntu would be a really good choice. IMO, they are the two best desktop distros around. Gentoo is great if you like constantly compiling apps…

Chris on So long, SuSE
December 6, 2005 at 7:40 pm

Ok, I’ve used SuSE, but never saw the appeal, Nearly committed Seppuku for lack of, well just about everything I needed in a hosted web solution. Then I got into FreeBSD. I bit the bullet and just bought the FreeBSD Unleashed book. Between the online handbook and the one I bought I was able to get very comfortable in a very short time. I recently put Debian on my desktop (still have FreeBSD on the server) and have to say that its far and away better than SuSE or RedHat. The testing version is very stable and easy to install. The plus to FreeBSD and Debian are in the package management systems. They can’t be beat (IMHO). PC-BSD is a kewl new way to get a GUI with FreeBSD in an easy to install manner. It retains 100% compatability with FreeBSD. Just my two cents.
Keep up the good work!

Geoff on So long, SuSE
December 9, 2005 at 11:02 am

I used slackware since version 4 mostly because I’d always get these computers that couldn’t handle any kind of gui. Being the closest thing to unix without actually being unix, slack ran nicely on those 386s. When I got a second computer with power, I vowed to put a graphical version of Linux on it that I liked and could use easily. After overplaying so much in Gentoo, it had to go. After problems configuring Knoppix, it had to go. I had set up Mandira on a friend’s box and didn’t like it from just that. So, in the end, I went back to slackware and just played with flavours of gui for X. When it comes to linuxes, the devil that you understand is usually the one for you.

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