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When it comes to Linux, I was a pretty big SuSE advocate. It was user friendly and easy to use. But ever since I upgraded to SuSE 9.3 it’s been a roller-coaster ride of instability. I thought we had finally come to agreement as the past few months were relatively peaceful, but on Thursday it wouldn’t download anything. I tried to SSH in and it hung after I entered a username, so I rebooted and discovered it had taken out the entire 200 gig hard drive in that computer somehow.

Whether this is SuSE’s fault or a hardware issue, I’m not sure, though the hard drive seems to be physically fine. So now I’m on to trying Debian. If anything suspicious happens I’m throwing that computer out the window.

Posted on - November 26, 2005 [at] 12:06 pm by Brad
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Check out this awesome performance of various Super Mario Brothers songs played on the marimba. It’s a special kind of crowd that goes nuts for the Mario water theme.

Posted on - November 22, 2005 [at] 11:29 am by Brad
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The folks have released playtagger an easy Javascript/Flash mp3 player. It’s pretty slick and cool. If I could host it locally and strip out the tagging push I’d be all over it. But it’s probably intended more for blogs than musicians. Very neat.

Posted on - November 22, 2005 [at] 11:08 am by Brad
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The Boy Who Heard Music – Pete Townshend’s blog apparently.

Posted on - November 21, 2005 [at] 2:36 pm by Brad
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Playing around with the recently launched Google Base, I managed to jam my album in there.

In the future I think musicians will no longer tour, instead they’ll spend all their time traveling from website to website submitting their albums and songs to various services.

Posted on - November 16, 2005 [at] 12:29 pm by Brad
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Guess who’s 29 today? That’s right, it’s me. Seems like just yesterday I was calling BBS’s, playing Space Quest and goofing around in Scream Tracker.

Posted on - November 14, 2005 [at] 11:10 am by Brad
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Click your mouse, say yeah! – interesting/funny investigative article on the online indie music scene. Goblin Cock gets a mention.

Posted on - November 12, 2005 [at] 4:48 pm by Brad
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Here’s a cover for I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Remixed that Sam Stroube did:

Also he’s got a short film/video called Oatmeal set to a Brother Machine song that you can check out here.

Posted on - November 12, 2005 [at] 4:27 pm by Brad
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I Don’t Know What I’m Doing is now available on Better late than never.

Posted on - November 11, 2005 [at] 5:05 am by Brad
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