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The Google Base rumors are interesting but it seems to fall short of what I was hoping they’d do: let blogs and forum software (and other web apps) drop their data straight into Google and then offer webmasters a free Google search in exchange. This’d get Google a ton of data that’s difficult to index and organize (particularly forums) and provide a much needed service to the web community. Looks like they’re looking for specific sorts of data though. We’ll see once it launches.

Posted on - October 25, 2005 [at] 9:52 am by Brad
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Ian on Google Base rumors
October 26, 2005 at 9:56 pm

Another thing?
Wow.. No wonder they are a muti-billion dolla company, or so i’ve heard. One thing that I personaly think didn’t go over that well was Google Earth.
I thought it was really good. I was able to find my house. Not that easy.. But it did it.

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