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Crimewire is Louise W. Klinker’s proposed Limewire skin that reorganizes the P2P app into a different light. For instance instead of there being a “Library” of what you’ve downloaded, it’s called your “Criminal record”. Crimewire would track how much you owe each band and record label and you have a Justification Profile:

The last new function is the “Justification Profile”. This section is the most fictional part of CrimeWire and based upon a point system. When you input your salary, number of records in collection, amount of vinyl in collection, number of concerts you go to per year etc. it returns the amount of money it is fair for you to “steal” for per day.

I like it, it’s pretty funny. I’d also like to see aggregated stats of how much all downloads on the service are costing individual artists and labels, damage you’re doing to the economy, the amount you would be fined for the material you’ve uploaded and maybe how much you’re hurting Coldplay’s feelings.

Posted on - June 24, 2005 [at] 1:30 pm by Brad
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2 Comments on this post

ZenBoy on Crimewire
June 24, 2005 at 6:14 pm

A nice “Frowny Coldplay” face would really make it worth my while. If they could make something like this for BitComet I’d do it, but ever since BearShare and eDonkey or eMule raped my computer with spyware and shit, I don’t touch those funky P2P apps. eDonkey = The devil.

lisa db on Crimewire
June 25, 2005 at 7:10 pm

Isn’t the Coldplay guy doing it with Gwenyth Paltrow now? Who is going to feel sorry for him.

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