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“Please Don’t Go Topless, Mother” songwriter tells all – interesting letter from the Nashville songwriter of a cute net famous song.

Posted on - May 4, 2005 [at] 1:20 pm by Brad
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Troy Hess on Please Don’t Go Topless, Mother songwriter
October 2, 2012 at 10:44 am

Everything Mr Hellard said is true about PDGTM, to my knowledge. My mother was never a stripper and the song is purely fictional. As a matter of fact, mom worked for the Wilburn Brothers when they still had Loretta Lynn under management contract, then w/ Buddy lee Attractions when Hank Jr. was still part owner, then went to work Mel Tillis & Don Williams, Tommy Overstreet, The Blackwood Family, Jerry Wallace, before going into partnership with Gene Watson’s manager and moving back to texas in the late 70’s. I don’t think she would’ve had time to strip back then , although she is very multi-talented, ha!! But it does make for a good story.

warmest regards from the great state of Texas,


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