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Working for the Weekend – some guy’s very entertaining homemade video for Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend”

Posted on - May 31, 2005 [at] 7:11 pm by Brad
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Improv Everywhere does U2 – another great Improv Everywhere prank, they do a rooftop gig as U2 across from Madison Square Garden.

Posted on - May 31, 2005 [at] 4:55 pm by Brad
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Story of the Sex Pistols – a Flickr photoset of an old comic book from 1984.

Posted on - May 31, 2005 [at] 12:33 pm by Brad
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So until Scoble posted about a boycott I had no idea that the issue of excerpts versus full text in feeds was so huge. I’ve been using RSS aggregators for a couple of years now and have always preferred headings and decent excerpts. I’ve unsubscribed from more feeds for having too much text than I have too little.

I don’t really want to switch my main feeds for that reason, but I’ve made a full text feed here for the people who want it:

I have no plans to add RSS ads because I think they’re dumb and gross.

Also for any WordPress hackers out there looking to do this on their own blogs, I’ve described what I did to make this work here.

Posted on - May 31, 2005 [at] 12:07 pm by Brad
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So allegedly there’s a Yahoo! Music hack that lets you get DRM-free songs.

I’ve been wondering how long it was going to be until there was some sort of issue like this. I thought it might take the form of sales misreporting from digital download services, but this one would work too.

So is Yahoo! liable for damages to musicians if there’s a security hole and their songs get downloaded without DRM?

Posted on - May 30, 2005 [at] 11:24 pm by Brad
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Doctor Who theme remixes – if you like Doctor Who remixes, there’s a lot to like here.

Posted on - May 30, 2005 [at] 11:14 pm by Brad
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Mashup Town – blog / podcast of commercial mashups. It is important that you listen to “Smells like Booty” and “Owner of a Lonely Butt”.

Posted on - May 30, 2005 [at] 11:08 pm by Brad
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A Guitar Teacher’s Lesson Notebook
– a pretty cool blog by a guitar teacher. Lots of interesting stuff in there.

Posted on - May 30, 2005 [at] 11:05 pm by Brad
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Hit song sonograms – in-depth analysis of what hit songs look like. [via]

Posted on - May 30, 2005 [at] 10:36 am by Brad
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I’m always interested in the software people use to help their creativity, so I thought I should write up one of my favorites that gets very little attention. It’s Keynote by Tranglos software and it’s an open-source Windows-based tabbed notebook. Check out some screenshots here.

Keynote sits in my system tray and I can hit CTRL-SHIFT-F12 at any time to call it up and start writing. Escape sends it back to the tray. Inside of Keynote, my first tab is a Notepad that I use for writing anything or saving temporary scraps of information. Then I have other tabs such as a “music” tab where I can enter potential song titles or ideas. It’s a tree view so all I have to do when I have an idea is hit CTRL-SHIFT-F12, select the music tab, hit enter to create a new tree node, type my idea + enter and I’m done. I can also enter data in that node as well, such as lyrics or chords or whatever I’d like.

I’ve tried a lot of these programs and even though there have ben no updates to Keynote since late 2003, I haven’t found anything that’s as fast, feature-rich and simple to use. I’d recommend to anyone looking to capture their ideas or is just an information packrat.

Posted on - May 29, 2005 [at] 7:23 pm by Brad
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