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Brain interface for music – ‘a “brain cap” that recognizes musical ideas in the minds of composers’. Guess I’ll have to lay off the liquor if I want to rock this thing.

Posted on - March 31, 2005 [at] 3:53 pm by Brad
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What happens to my recording when it’s played on the radio? – an interesting de-mystification article on why songs sound different on the radio than they do on albums. [via]

Posted on - March 31, 2005 [at] 2:46 pm by Brad
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Radio David Byrne – cool radio stream by David Byrne of songs he likes.

Posted on - March 29, 2005 [at] 8:38 pm by Brad
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Songs in list format – Cypress Hill songs make great lists.

Posted on - March 28, 2005 [at] 5:37 pm by Brad
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Yahoo! Creative Commons Search – seems like a pretty big deal for the Creative Commons. It pushes them more into the mainstream, which is exciting.

Posted on - March 25, 2005 [at] 10:47 am by Brad
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Nomadness – an awesome resource for Creative Nomad owners / hackers. [via]

Posted on - March 22, 2005 [at] 7:27 pm by Brad
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Here’s some remixes and also the first mash-up I’ve gotten:

The latest remix source is for I Think I Started A Trend (61mb). As always, please deliver to me your remixes and I will be most pleased.

I’m going to be presenting an award on The Skinny on Sports’ award show podcast – The Skinnies. Presenters include Adam Curry, Dave Slusher, Michael Geoghegan and some other familiar names. Apparently listeners have the chance to win a 1 gig iPod Shuffle and Etymotic 61 earphones, the show should be up on and after Wednesday.

I’m working on a lot of Brad Sucks related stuff and hope to start actually finishing some of those things soon or at the very least die in my sleep and have them released posthumously.

Posted on - March 22, 2005 [at] 12:17 am by Brad
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Hack your Creative Nomad Zen – got a 30GB Creative Nomad Zen in the mail today (thanks Microsoft!), turns out it’s pretty trivial to install a larger laptop hard drive in there.

Posted on - March 21, 2005 [at] 7:26 pm by Brad
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PDF chart of the US radio spectrum – this is a pretty awesome poster of all the radio frequency allocations in the US. [via]

Posted on - March 21, 2005 [at] 4:19 pm by Brad
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DIY Album Cover Sketchbook – how to easily turn an LP cover into a notebook/sketchbook cover.

Posted on - March 20, 2005 [at] 11:09 am by Brad
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