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For eight years Barry Wood has been going to NAMM (the big music product showcase) and has posted the weirdest stuff to NAMM Oddities. You can check out the 2005 edition to stay current or go all the way back to 1998. Great site.

Posted on - January 31, 2005 [at] 4:11 pm by Brad
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Text Mixing Desk – A cut-up tool for text. This one shows more promise than most of the other web ones and the source is available. [via]

Posted on - January 31, 2005 [at] 11:42 am by Brad
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iPod Hacks – repository for iPod hacks.

Posted on - January 31, 2005 [at] 11:27 am by Brad
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Martin-d45I went looking for the most expensive new and non-limited edition guitar that I could find tonight. Looks like the winner is the CF Martin D-45 V Dreadnaught Vintage Series Acoustic Guitar with a list price of $9,599.00. Sam Ash generously offers a 25% discount however, so you can get it for the low low price of $7,199.99. It gets a pretty good rating on Harmony Central, but I think just spending that amount of money on a guitar would compel me to give it a 10.

If you’re willing to include limited editions, the Martin D100 Deluxe, signed by Martin Chairman Martin IV is a uh bargain at $96,000.

>La VeneziaUpdate: Looks like Eric was right and I was pretty far off. A guitar called La Venezia lists at $26,250 and the most expensive I’ve found it for is $21,000 here.


Posted on - January 28, 2005 [at] 6:18 am by Brad
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KONTROL49If I were to buy a new MIDI controller (which I’ve been thinking about), I think it might be the KORG KONTROL49. Check that sucker out. Tap pads, faders, knobs. Sexy.

Posted on - January 27, 2005 [at] 9:47 pm by Brad
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Rocklopedia Fakebandica – an encyclopedia of fictional bands.

Posted on - January 27, 2005 [at] 3:12 pm by Brad
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Left-Hand Side of Distributing Music Over Telephone Lines is an article from a 1909 issue of Telephony magazine describing the groundbreaking music via phone service:

Wilmington, Delaware, is enjoying a novel service through the telephone exchange. Phonograph music is supplied over the wires to those subscribers who sign up for the service. Attached to the wall near the telephone is a box containing a special receiver, adapted to throw out a large volume of sound into the room. A megaphone may be attached whenever service is to be given. The box is attached to the line wires by a bridged tap from the line circuit. At the central office, the lines of musical subscribers are tapped to a manual board attended by an operator. A number of phonographs are available, and a representative assortment of records kept on hand.

Back then I guess you didn’t need DRM because everything sucked. (via JB)

Posted on - January 27, 2005 [at] 12:31 pm by Brad
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Pac Man Guitar

Here’s a pretty crazy looking Pac Man Guitar that I would be more than happy to own:

The Pac Man Guitar. Dave “Timely” Winer of the Howards and the Baltimores requested this piece. He called my bluff after I replied, “Not only can I build it, I can make the headstock blink as well!”

Also awesome off the Specimen Products website are the aluminum instruments such as the aluminum ukulele.

Posted on - January 27, 2005 [at] 11:06 am by Brad
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PayLoadz – “PayLoadz offers a secure Digital Goods eCommerce service for anyone to sell intangible goods online. “

Posted on - January 26, 2005 [at] 3:44 pm by Brad
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Divider – Why Are You Doing This? is the new album by Jeff Fal, who is one talented and all-round cool dude. There are MP3s you can check out and the CD is a mere $10. If you require a single, I nominate track 10: “Flagwavers”.

Posted on - January 26, 2005 [at] 3:14 pm by Brad
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