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My Journey into the World of Replacement Pickups – Giving some thought to replacing the pickups on my crappy electric and these articles are helping tackle my pickup ignorance.

Posted on - November 29, 2004 [at] 6:47 am by Brad
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Music technology dictionary – a good glossary of music technology terms.

Posted on - November 27, 2004 [at] 11:34 am by Brad
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Encyclopaedia Metallum – “Possibly the most complete reference site for metal.” (via In4mador!)

Posted on - November 27, 2004 [at] 10:26 am by Brad
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WP iTunes – a plugin that allows you to display your currently playing iTunes song on your WordPress blog.

Posted on - November 26, 2004 [at] 3:07 am by Brad
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Today I took down all this mattress foam I stuck to the walls around me a few months ago. It worked okay for sound dampening but I can’t stand the smell of polyurethane anymore. I think it’s clouding my mind and draining me of my powers, much like Superman in that movie there… with the thing. Now I’m emailing acoustic foam retailers asking if their products stink. And feeling pretty cool about it.

Posted on - November 25, 2004 [at] 3:48 pm by Brad
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AOL CD Throne – more than 4000 AOL CDs built into a throne.

Posted on - November 24, 2004 [at] 9:03 pm by Brad
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CD Sculpture – sculptures made out of CDs, by George Radebaugh.

Posted on - November 24, 2004 [at] 8:25 pm by Brad
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I tried out the 0.8 preview release of BlogTorrent today. Pretty interesting, but I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe it works better on the uninitiated, but I found myself confused and fighting with their upload tool and trying to figure out if it wanted torrent files from me or if it was going to make them itself and then how to get that over into seeding the files. I assume there’ll be better documentation eventually or I’m just a dummy.

I had a lot more success with Ryan’s WPBT Bittorrent tracker for WordPress. Easy to install and it integrates into the WordPress user system. It worked first try for me, though you have to use other utilities to make your .torrents and seed them. It doesn’t make Bittorrent seeding a point and click experience, but it made it a hell of a lot easier, which is good enough for me.

Posted on - November 24, 2004 [at] 5:41 pm by Brad
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Free Tracktion Promotion – get a free copy of Mackie’s Tracktion multi-tracking software. Looking to get into recording on your computer? Good place to start. Read more about it here.

Posted on - November 24, 2004 [at] 12:30 pm by Brad
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The Knockoff Project – “Album cover spoofs, goofs, tributes, send ups, near misses and coincedences.” (via Look At This….)

Posted on - November 24, 2004 [at] 10:31 am by Brad
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