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Pitchformula, by Loren Jan Wilson, is pretty awesome:

This project combines a computer science background and a songwriting hobby with an unhealthy obsession for popular music reviews. In it, I attempt to come up with a new computer-assisted songwriting method which takes music critics’ opinions into account. By writing software to statisically analyze the content of several thousand record reviews from the Pitchfork music website (, I generate a set of compositional guidelines based on the musical preferences expressed by the critics. I then use those guidelines to write and record a couple of original songs, discussing in detail the relationships between the songs and the data that I have collected.

The word lists and their values and the songs he made which I do think sound a fair amount like the sort of music the average Pitchfork reviewer would go for.

Posted on - June 17, 2004 [at] 6:45 pm by Brad
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jb on Pitchformula
June 21, 2004 at 12:48 am

thank god he can actually sing.

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